What is Honda Launching at This Year’s Makina Moto Show?

What is Honda Launching at This Year's Makina Moto Show?

The 2023 Makina Moto Show will be opening its doors in a few days, and motorcycle makers are starting to put out teasers of the bikes they’ll be launching at the show.

Honda Philippines (A silhouette of what appears to be a new big bike that will be unveiled on Friday has been posted by HPI. We’ll let you see the Facebook teaser first, then we’ll share our best guess with you. Here you go:

Our guess is that it’s the XL750 Transalp, the retro adventure bike that The previous year, Honda debuted at EICMA. The front clip of a bike with a huge windshield on top is visible in the HPI image. When you contrast it with the Transalp’s front end, you’ll see that the headlight’s shape and even the windscreen’s size are accurate.

We don’t know about you, but our resident rider at Top Gear Philippines—that may or may not be me—is already getting very excited at the thought of the landing of the transalp. Unwrapping this new bike would obviously require some more time, so for the time being, let’s just wait and be patient. If you have any additional guesses in the interim, please share them in the comments.

Reference: www.topgear.com.ph

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