The Beijing Motorcycle Show: CFMoto Shows Off Six New Models

The Beijing Motorcycle Show: CFMoto Shows Off Six New Models

Even though CFMoto only started selling in the United States in 2021, it is clear that the Chinese bike manufacturer has its sights set on dominating the market.

We can see the hustle in the sheer number of bikes CFMoto has introduced, while 2021 unveiled four models specifically for the United States., 2022 saw seven more primed for Western shores – and now, the Beijing Motorcycle Show has afforded us a look at an additional seven power-happy beasties just waiting to roll off dealership asphalt into the streets of China proper.

Let’s take a look at what might be arriving over here in the next few years based on coverage from RideApart, which indicates that at least some of these new bikes will also be released globally.

CFMoto’s new 2023 bikes are as follows:

  • 2023 CFMoto 1250TR-G
  • 2023 CFMoto 800MT Explore Edition
  • 2023 CFMoto XO Papio Trail
  • 2023 CFMoto 450SR S
  • 2023 CFMoto 450NK
  • 2023 CFMoto 450CL-C

While the 125cc XO Papio Trail offers a more affordable, rugged scoot, the 1250TR-G offers excellent long-distance touring (with luggage included). We see also that CFMoto’s US-available Ibex 800 has been revised to the 2023 CFMoto 800MT Explore Edition, featuring four tweakable ride modes, Michelin Anakee Adventure rubber, CFMoto Ride Connectivity and the inclusion of a nifty 8″ TFT screen.

For the stripped, sporty aesthetic, CFMoto’s given us the 450NK – a naked version of America’s 450SS (China’s 450SR), complete with a 270-degree crankshaft for feels “reminiscent of a 90-degree V-twin engine.”

Naturally, a variant would be given to the full-fairinged sibling herself in 2023. Given the new winglets, updated fairings, and stylish, single-sided swingarm, the all-new 450SR S will undoubtedly find the sweet spot with many hooners.

Wait, there’s more—CFMoto’s tribute to the retro scene is also here.

The 450 CL-C comes in two available variants:

  • Two-seater cruiser style
  • Single-seater bobber aesthetic

The 800MT Explore Edition, 450NK, and 450SR S (450SS S?) coming to America, what are your thoughts?


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