Petrol Industries Racing Team Fueled by Trevor Motorcycles

Petrol Industries Racing Team Fueled by Trevor Motorcycles

Petrol Industries contacted Trevor Motorcycles to create two custom race bikes for the thriving motorcycle community in advance of the 2023 racing season. The result is the Trevor DTRe XP03 and XP04, two exquisitely made two-wheelers that capture the essence of the motorcycle subculture.

Working together, Petrol Industries and E-Racing Denmark developed strong, race-homologated speedway powertrains that were then combined with the Trevor flat track racers to produce two unique and thrilling motorcycles.

Intimidating vehicles for the upcoming Wheels&Waves El Rollo race, the Trevor DTRe XP03 and XP04 have unmatched power and race-ready performance. The astounding display of speed and agility these sleek bikes possess will astound motorcycle enthusiasts of all stripes.

Both man and machine will be giving it their all in this competition, which promises to be an adrenaline-pumping extravaganza. As the most daring drivers take to the track in these unstoppable beasts, get ready for a wild ride!

About Petrol Industries

Petrol Industries is a denim and clothing company for men and boys that was established in 1989. It has more than 3500 retail locations throughout Europe and a significant online presence. With their latest positioning–”Driven by heritage, designed for the future”–the company, their collections, and their marketing campaigns all reflect this vision. And it is because of this vision that the company’s various aspects are now integrated.

Future Proof Choices

Guido Wicherts, Marketing Manager of Petrol Industries, responds to this by saying, “We are constantly inspired by the car and motorcycle scene because it is ingrained in our DNA. Even so, we have started down a path that is secure for the future. We are now able to investigate more environmentally friendly alternatives in both the fashion and mobility sectors thanks to our new vision, which is “driven by heritage, designed for the future.”

Every season, we add more eco-friendly clothing to our line, and we’re always looking for new ways to realize this new vision. The new mobility world is constantly changing, so our joint effort aims to inspire. Electric riding is not at all a compromise, as Trevor Motorcycles is living proof. Although less harmful to the environment, we both want to have an impact. It’s a match made in heaven, in my opinion.

About E-Racing Denmark

In the world of electric motorsport, E-Racing, a Danish business with headquarters in Aarhus, is a pioneer. The capabilities of motorsports are being redefined by their high-performance electric drivetrains and components. They are laying the groundwork for a more environmentally friendly future in motorsport and beyond by putting an emphasis on innovation and sustainability.

Racing Season

Since the team’s inception in 2021, the El Rollo Races at Wheels&Waves Biarritz have been Trevor Motorcycles’ primary focus. Trevor Motorcycles was founded with the intention of competing. A revolution was started at that time when they unveiled the XP01, their first Electric Racer.


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