One Injured in Motorcycle Crash in McCracken County

One Injured in Motorcycle Crash in McCracken County

After crashing his motorcycle in McCracken County, Kentucky, on Saturday night, a man is now recovering.

Just after 4:07 pm on Saturday, the accident occurred on Clinton Road past the Lone Oak Road intersection.

When deputies arrived, they discovered the driver had a severe wound to his left forearm, leading one of them to apply a tourniquet and possibly save his life.

Randall Browning, the driver, and other witnesses claim that before the collision, Browning lost control of his 1994 Harley Davidson at a slight curve and left the road. At a neighborhood hospital, Browning received additional care.

The Mercy Regional EMS, Lone Oak Fire Department, and Paducah Police Department all provided support for the sheriff’s deputies.


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