Islington Motorcycle Parking Charges to Be Challenged in Cabinet Meeting

Islington Motorcycle Parking Charges to Be Challenged in Cabinet Meeting

Two London-based motorcycle organizations plan to challenge the February-introduced motorcycle parking fees at a cabinet meeting.

The Greater London Motorcycle Action Group and Save London Motorcycling will both speak out against the motorcycle parking fees that were implemented in Islington earlier this year in February at an upcoming Islington Council cabinet meeting.

Both groups’ representatives will ask that the motorcycle parking fees be permanently eliminated at the cabinet meeting, which is scheduled to begin later today (July 13, 2023) at 18:30.

A MAG spokesperson, who is also a resident in Islington, said: “It is absolutely outrageous how Islington [Council] has acted. They introduced these charges without warning or consultation, which led to thousands of people being unfairly fined in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis.

“They still haven’t publicly apologized for the way they treated their residents, and they still haven’t said when they will pay back the fines. Currently, they are refusing to meet with motorcycle riders. In order to get answers to our inquiries about the charges, we will be present at the council meeting on July 13th.”

Prior advocacy efforts by the Save London Motorcycling (SLMC) and Greater London Motorcycle Action Group (GLMAG) on behalf of Islington’s parking fees resulted in a moratorium on the fees until 17 July 2023 and a reduction in their rates. The table below displays the prices for an Islington non-resident motorcycle parking permit as of July 13, 2023.

Permit lengthCost for petrol motorcyclesCost for electric motorcycles
One day£1£0.50
One week£4£2
One month£14£7
Three months£35£17.50
One year£110£55

Residents of Islington must pay pounds 60.20 for a combustion motorcycle parking permit and pounds 30.60 for an electric bike permit.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has also stated that it is taking particular opposition to the charging of zero-emission electric motorcycles. The justification offered by Islington Council for parking fees on electric bikes is that it will encourage more people to use active modes of transportation, like walking or cycling.


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