Blinking Indestructible: Latvian Firm Claim to Build Unbreakable Indicators

Blinking Indestructible: Latvian Firm Claim to Build Unbreakable Indicators

When launching adventure bikes onto a trail, smashed indicators are a recurring problem. The first nearly indestructible indicator light may now have been created by a Latvian company to address the issue.

The company’s co-founders, David Ezers and Valerijs Silins, were bitten by the adventure riding bug, and they launched HammerLEDs in March.

Silins said: “After years of street riding, we found it to be monotonous. To get our fix of adrenaline, we tried riding dirt bikes and then adventure motorcycles.

“After engaging in this style of riding for roughly three years, both David and I had broken ten blinkers. It all started out like this.”

The HammerLED is the epitome of simplicity and was developed over the course of 18 months of research and development. The four LEDs are shielded from water, dust, and impacts in a sealed ali and stainless-steel case, and the light stalk is made of a high tensile spring.

The two put the invention to the test so vigorously that bikes were ruined in the process.

“One terrible drop occurred to me. The bike’s entire front end, including the handlebars and windshield, was broken, but only my wrist was broken. The HammerLED was only slightly damaged. I would say they hold up quite well,” said Valerijs.

In addition to continuing to modify the current HammerLEDs to fit a variety of well-liked machines, the pair is now hoping to create a comparable but aerodynamic flush-mounted indicator for street models.

“BMW is currently being created. The majority of KTMs are covered, we have Yamaha and Honda connectors, so we are moving through the list of bikes in order of popularity. This year, we’ll grow.”


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