Electric Everything: Energica’s Motorcycle Tech Turns to Water

Electric Everything: Energica's Motorcycle Tech Turns to Water

We learned that Energica was never one to rest on its laurels when they experimented with electric power in tractors and, more recently, airplanes, even though our favorite Modenese motorcycle manufacturer has continued to succeed in the expansion of their market-leading machines.

In an effort to advance our good carbon-neutral future, the brand’s teams are constantly dipping their fingers in new pots. One of these pots will transport Energica’s charging capability to the closest body of water.

According to Energica’s recent press release, Energica’s new partnership with Plenitude (via subsidiary Be Charge) will focus on the following:

  1. Electric charging systems in Italian ports for watercraft
  2. Development of a new electric, nautical prototype, to be created in collaboration with Electric Revolution and christened the “Runabout” electric jet ski

Naturally, the always-beautiful and ever-eclectic Livia Cevolini (Energica’s CEO) is excited at the potential of this new partnership:

“This agreement represents an important chapter for us to expand our activities, and it is also an incredible opportunity to boost the electrification process in new industries,” enthuses Cevolini in the announcement.

Paolo Martini, Plenitude’s Head of e-mobility (and Be Charge’s CEO), has also chipped in with his drive to bring electric energy to local shores:

“With the signing of this agreement, we can now apply the idea of e-mobility to the maritime industry, which is the start of a new and crucial journey for us. As always, we’re motivated by the desire to break new ground and use technology as a vital tool to continuously innovate our services.”

What do you think of Energica’s latest plan to power boats with electric energy?

Reference: www.webbikeworld.com

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