State’s Motorcycle Helmet Law Repealed

State's Motorcycle Helmet Law Repealed

On Wednesday, Nebraska legislators voted 41-0 to pass a bill that would repeal the state’s motorcycle helmet law. After successfully completing a safety course, the proposed law will permit anyone older than 21 to ride without a helmet.

Additionally, they will be required to wear eye protection. Motorcycle riders over the age of 21 will no longer be required to wear helmets as of January 1, 2024, if Governor Jim Pillen signs the bill.

As part of the vehement opposition to the bill, AAA Nebraska has joined statewide organizations. The possibility of a rise in the number of fatalities and severe injuries on the state’s roads worries officials, according to spokesman Brian Ortner.

“We will undoubtedly see some tragic data and tragic numbers when this comes into effect, which will undoubtedly have an impact.” Ortner claims that Missouri will repeal its helmet law in 2020. “Unhelmeted rider fatalities have increased over the past three years, according to preliminary data. Compared to the comparable period prior to the repeal of the helmet law, the increase is almost 800% higher.”

According to Ortner, 81% of Nebraskans support keeping the state’s current law in place, according to a recent AAA survey.


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