F1 Legend Mika Häkkinen Presents An Electric Luxury Model

F1 Legend Mika Häkkinen Presents An Electric Luxury Model

The model of a brand-new electric superbike was created in collaboration with Verge Motorcycles by Mika Häkkinen, a two-time world champion and legendary figure in the world of Formula 1. Only 100 units will be made, according to information provided to Finbold, making it a very exclusive edition.

Mika Häkkinen and Verge Motorcycles met when Häkkinen was chosen to serve on the advisory board of the business earlier this year. Häkkinen is also an investor in Verge Motorcycles. The iconic product that Häkkinen and Verge created together showcases the best qualities of two pioneers in their respective fields.

The high-end superbike that Mika Häkkinen and Verge created combines a modern, daring aesthetic with cutting-edge engineering. With a range of 350 km and a quick charging time of only 35 minutes, the model is the most potent and sophisticated electric superbike currently available. In addition, it has a motor built into the back wheel, a Verge innovation that has been patented internationally and won awards.

The final product is truly unique because it is made with the best materials available. It has special ceramic surface treatment and carbon fiber fairings, for instance, which prevent scratches. Dark gray and silver surface elements combined with all-black dampers and details and surface details complete the opulent and powerful look.

According to the company, customers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Estonia, and Monaco can now purchase the superbike designed by Mika Häkkinen online through Verge Motorcycles.

Taxes not included, the bike sells for 80,000 euros.

Reference: www.motorcyclesports.net

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