How Can Shorter People Ride Motorcycles?


Can you ride a motorcycle if you’re too short? You can’t be too short to ride a motorcycle, in other words. To mount, dismount, and ride your motorcycle safely and comfortably, you only need to determine what works for you.

If you can’t put both feet on the ground, riding a motorcycle can be challenging.

Due to the low seat height of cruiser and sports motorcycles, short people are typically restricted from using them. However, a dual-purpose motorcycle is a way to go if, like me, you want to be able to use your motorcycle wherever. I can therefore ride around joyfully even though I can barely touch one toe on the ground when I slide off the seat.

Tips for Short Riders

You shouldn’t ever have an issue riding your preferred motorcycle because of your height. However, with the following advice, biking will become second nature to you:

Put On Dependable Boots

It helps to have a little extra traction, especially if you aren’t very tall and have trouble flat-footing with both feet. As a result, purchasing excellent motorcycle footwear is crucial. You can gain a lot of confidence by wearing a good pair of boots. motorcycle riding requires a lot of mental and physical strength. Consequently, gaining that extra confidence boost is quite advantageous. Biking boots provide more traction than regular boots. There are many excellent options on the market, but selecting a boot made specifically for the purpose will provide more stability and traction.

Purchase A Lower Seat Option

If there is a choice of a lower seat, consider it. While the manufacturers may offer certain options in the form of factory accessories, in other instances, there are a number of aftermarket sellers. Professional upholsterers can also modify your seats by removing some of the existing foam and replacing it with 3D, gel, or memory foam. Your seats will become more comfortable even if they will become thinner.

Focus on Skill Building

One thing you should keep in mind is that spending money on skill development is always advantageous compared to spending money on changing motorcycle parts. Therefore, it is recommended to concentrate on honing your riding skills if you’re seeking ways to make up for your short stature. Improve your clutch control and throttle timing when attempting to brake smoothly. Practice avoiding sloped or uneven ground by being more mindful of where you are stopping or parking. Your ride experience will be significantly improved by improving your skills.

Opt for Low Motorcycles With Narrow Seats

A low seat is not enough to offer a comfortable ride. Look for motorcycles that have a narrower build to help keep your legs closer together and give you a better ground reach. You can test the motorcycles when you purchase them from the dealership by sitting on them. Not all motorcycles will give you the same reach due to their variations in shape. But you can always pick one that gives the most comfort.

Be Patient and Practice

You won’t advance in learning to ride larger motorcycles and refining your techniques if you don’t set aside time to practice riding every day or more frequently. Being able to keep your motorcycle upright is only one aspect of biking. You get better the more you practice. You might be surprised to learn that you can outperform someone who is taller. Not everyone who is taller than you has superior talent. You can practice without spending three to four hours a day doing so. It takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes, five days a week, to get your skills up to par.

The 6 Best Motorcycles for Shorter People

Kawasaki Versys®-X 300

Seat Height: 32.1”

Finding a nice adventure motorcycle might be difficult for small riders because they frequently have higher seats than other motorcycle kinds. The shorter adventure riders have been waiting for the Versys®-X. It blends a tough suspension made for difficult terrain with a functional yet stylish design that has integrated luggage storage on the back. All that’s left to do is pick an adventure deserving of it.

Indian Scout Bobber

Seat Height: 25.5”

Because their seats are typically lower to begin with, cruisers like the Indian Scout Bobber are popular with short riders. The Scout Bobber, with its simple contours and lethal double exhaust, is a particularly fascinating example of the fashion. The best advice is usually to spend some time sitting on any motorcycle before you buy. However, short riders should keep in mind that cruisers compensate for their low seat heights by being intended for persons with slightly longer legs.

Triumph Street Scrambler

Seat Height: 31.1”

The Street Scrambler is a nimble little motorcycle with a 900 cc engine that has plenty of vroom. It has the traditional cafe racer look. Because of its compact form and relatively low seat height, it is ideal for short riders. This incredibly adaptable little motorcycle is just as suitable for a fast circuit of the block as it is for a tour of Europe’s backroads. It’s guaranteed to draw attention because of its heritage in the iconic Triumph Bonneville design.

Yamaha MT-07

Seat Height: 31.7”

Sporty standards like the MT-07 are a great choice for short riders who want something speedy without the narrow wheelbase and high seat of a true sport motorcycle. That’s the niche that the MT-07 is designed to hit, and we’re pleased to report that Yamaha nailed it. It’s the ultimate lean-and-mean street motorcycle that’s accessible for riders of just about every height.

Honda Rebel 500

Seat Height: 27.2”

With the addition of short riders, the Rebel 500 is a multipurpose Japanese cruiser that is advised for all levels of riders, from specialists looking for a fun city motorcycle to beginners getting their bearings. The Rebel is so well-liked for a reason: It’s a well-built, enjoyable motorcycle with a design that appeals to a wide range of consumers. Oh, and did we mention that it’s one of our list’s most reasonably priced motorcycles?

Ducati Monster 1200

Seat Height: 31.3”

On the other hand, perhaps you are small but your bank account is tall and you want to invest in the best. The ridiculously fantastic Ducati Monster 1200, a sporty naked motorcycle that devours the opposition, is your only option in that situation. Although the seat is low, the horsepower is extremely high, making it a perfect choice for both the road and the racetrack. The Monster is the perfect motorcycle for you if you’re seeking for a machine with the power to overtake its larger siblings.


If you can’t touch the ground with both of your feet, riding a motorcycle can be challenging. However, becoming an expert rider will help you get past many obstacles brought on by your short stature. It’s time you started putting these ideas into practice right away now that you have some insight into how you can still enjoy your brief ride.

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