How to Get a Motorcycle License in Pennsylvania?

how to get a motorcycle license in pa

You must first obtain a PA motorcycle license in order to ride a motorcycle in Pennsylvania. All the steps and prerequisites that you must be aware of will be covered.

Few freedoms compare to the sensation of speeding along an open road while a motorcycle’s rumbling engine is under you. The numerous country roads in a state like Pennsylvania add to the enjoyment of motorcycle riding.

It is a privilege to be able to ride a motorcycle, but it is also a duty to do so safely, protecting not only your own safety but also the safety of other drivers on the road.

You need a Class M license in order to ride a motorcycle legally in Pennsylvania. To obtain this license, you must pass a vision examination, a knowledge test, be in possession of a learner’s permit, and a skills assessment.

Discover everything you need to know about obtaining a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania by reading on. You can check out more information we have on how to get a motorcycle license in TexasCaliforniaIllinoisArizona, New Jersey, and Florida.

Pennsylvania Rider Requirements

Before you can obtain your license, you must practice with a motorcycle permit. As soon as you turn 16 in Pennsylvania, you can apply for a motorcycle permit; however, minors require the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

  • If you’re under 18, you’ll have to complete a few requirements before getting your motorcycle license by passing the skills test. A permit must be held for at least six months, and you must complete 65 hours of supervised riding practice. You are not permitted to ride at night or with anyone other than a certified instructor as a passenger during this time.
  • Riders over 18 may take the skills test as soon as they feel ready.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a driver’s license, you can only ride with an instructor who has a current Pennsylvania motorcycle license.

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program must also be finished. A third-party provider is where you can enroll in safety courses for more practical education. You have the choice to take a skills evaluation at the conclusion of an in-person course; doing so will exempt you from taking the skills test and you will receive your Pennsylvania motorcycle license right away.

how to get a motorcycle license in pa

Because of COVID-19, PennDOT additionally provides a temporary online option for the safety program. You must arrange a skills test if this is your preferred option. If you have a valid license or permit, you are eligible to participate in all safety programs without paying a fee.

How to Get a Motorcycle License in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, you must follow these steps in order to obtain a motorcycle license.

Fill Out the Application Form

You must initially complete your application form. When you’re prepared to take the knowledge test, you’ll bring this form to PennDOT.

Prepare for the Knowledge Test

Prior to receiving your permit, you must pass a written knowledge test, so you should prepare ahead of time. An excellent resource is the PA Motorcycle Operator Manual. Zutobi is a fantastic choice as well if you’d prefer a more interactive version.

Bring the Required Documents

  • evidence of identity
  • an official birth certificate.
  • Social security card.
  • Proof of residency.
  • the application form you filled out.
  • Form of parental consent, if you are a minor.
  • Appropriate fee.

Take Vision and Knowledge Tests

You’re prepared to take the knowledge test and vision screening after your documents have been approved.

The knowledge test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. Information for the test is taken from the owner’s manual. A passing grade of at least 80%, or 16 correctly answered questions, is required.

how to get a motorcycle license in pa

Before the real test, it’s a good idea to take a few practice exams. You can then focus on your areas of weakness and study more productively. We at Zutobi provide a variety of no-cost Motorcycle practice exams that will boost your confidence and help you ace the test.

Get Your Motorcycle Permit

After passing your knowledge test, you’ll receive your PA motorcycle permit! For a full year, the permit will be operative. If it runs out, you’ll have to apply again, shell out the money, and retake the knowledge test.

The PA Motorcycle Skills Test

The skills test is the last requirement for obtaining your Pennsylvania motorcycle license. Riders over 18 may take the skills test as soon as they feel ready. Minors must complete the following first:

  • for a minimum of six months, keep a permit.
  • For at least 65 hours, get some practice riding under supervision.
  • Finish the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program in person or online.

When you’re ready, make an appointment for a motorcycle skills test at a DMV that provides those services. You’ll be required to perform a variety of actions during a skills test, such as figure-eights and gear changes. You will be judged by an examiner based on how well you perform.

Restrictions on Your Class M License

Driving any two- or a three-wheeled vehicle is not entirely permissible with a Class M license. If you drive a motor-driven cycle or take a test on a three-wheeled motorcycle, you’ll be issued a restriction on your Class M license.

A motor-driven cycle is a vehicle that has brakes that measure five or fewer in horsepower. A Vespa scooter is an excellent example. If you test on a scooter like this, you’ll be given an “8” restriction on your Class M license, meaning you are not qualified to drive a motorcycle.

how to get a motorcycle license in pa

If you test on a three-wheeled motorcycle, you’ll be given a “9” restriction, which means you cannot drive a motorcycle with two wheels. No limitations will be placed on you if you test on a typical two-wheel motorcycle.

The Cost of Applying for a Motorcycle License in Pennsylvania

There are several different costs involved with getting a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania, and the prices can be broken down as follows:

  • Transfer out-of-state motorcycle credentials:
    • PA Class M License for 2 years: $35
    • PA Class M License for 4 years: $50.50
  • Motorcycle permit with a motorcycle license:
    • 4 years: $50.50
    • 2 years (only for applicants at least 65 years old): $45.50

The costs for getting your motorcycle license and permit are combined into a single payment that is only required when you apply for your permit.

Can You Get a Motorcycle License Without a Motorcycle?

You can obtain a motorcycle license even if you don’t own one. A Class M license does not require you to own a motorcycle, but you must bring your own to a Pennsylvania Driver’s License Center to take the basic skills test because the DMV will not loan you a motorcycle.

A motorcycle will be made available to you if you decide to enroll in the Basic Rider Course provided by the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program. This includes the end-of-course skills evaluation.

Conclusion: Get a Motorcycle License in Pennsylvania

Although it seems like a lengthy process, getting a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania is simpler than most people realize. When you obtain your Pennsylvania motorcycle license, nothing can stand between you and the open road as you ride your motorcycle through it.

You can apply and start riding right away now that you’ve read our guide on how to obtain a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania. Follow the above instructions carefully, and make sure to finish each step in the sequence.

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