Why Does A Motorcycle Have A Bell?

motorcycle bells

Known also as Guardian bells or Gremlin bells, the tiny bells are thought to function as a good luck charm that keeps riders safe. Therefore, why do motorcycles have bells? Motorcycle bells are a good luck charm or a warning to gremlins and other evil spirits to stay off the road. Please keep reading for more details if you’re curious about the motorcycle bell.

What Do “Guardian Bells” Mean?

motorcycle bells

Guardian bells are tiny pewter (an alloy of tin, copper, and antimony) bells that are typically hung on motorcycles. On motorcycles, it’s common to see the Guardian or Spirit bell. They come in a variety of designs and can be installed on almost any kind of motorcycle to give you a unique and fun look.

The guardian bell, it turns out, has much more significance in biker culture than it does as a mere ornament. beginning many years ago and continuing today.

Are Guardian bells only for Harleys, you might wonder? The answer is no. Guardian bells are a cherished tradition among bikers in general and the Harley riding community in particular.

But in the worlds of sport bikers and ADV/Dual sports, hanging a guardian bell is not a practice that is very widespread. The guardian bells are added to touring and cruiser motorcycles by riders to symbolize their individual religious convictions.

The Origin Of Guardian Bells

Legend and superstition coexist in relation to the bells themselves. Most people you ask will likely provide you with a variety of information about each. You might hear a story about how these were used by pilots on their aircraft during World War 2.

Pilots who couldn’t get enough of the rush of speed rode motorcycles home and continued the bell custom. The use of these bells as alarms by riders to prevent bike theft began in the 1950s, as you may also hear. They had nighttime guardians watching over their bikes while they slept.

What Does A Guardian Bell Do?

According to legend, you fasten these bells close to the ground to your motorcycle, where they can catch the Evil Road Spirits. In turn, this prevents ghosts and ghouls from breaking your motorcycle’s mechanical components.

The purpose of the bell is to make such a loud noise that when people pass you while you are riding, they lose control of your bike and crash into the pavement, creating potholes.

Others will claim to be angels or guardians who will keep you safe while you ride. Having a bit more good fortune on your side doesn’t hurt at all.

Some people claim to be the little voice in your head that tells you to “slow down” or “turn left” when you’re riding while distracted by your thoughts.

motorcycle bells

What Are The Rules Of A Guardian Bell?

  • Rule #1: Never buy your own bell – The bell must be accepted as a gift in order for it to function. The act of kindness and concern awakens the bell’s magical abilities, and if it is given to you by another rider, it gains additional strength.
  • Rule #2: Never hang your own bell – The bell, which probably has its origins in the Old Bike’s Tale, ought to be mounted on your bike by the person who gave it to you. In addition to making sure that the protection is initiated with good intentions, the person ensures that the sacred gift was given to you with goodwill.
  • Rule #3: Never leave your bell behind – Never leave it on a motorcycle you’re selling so the new owner can use it. You should remove the bell, keep it, or add it to a new bike because you should treasure it for what it stands for. It must be removed and personally delivered to the new owner if you want to give the bell to them as a gift. The bell won’t be able to protect you if you don’t intentionally give it with goodwill.
  • Rule #4: Attach it to the lowest part of the frame – The little gremlins typically take motorcycles from below because they wait by the side of the road. The bell should be placed as low and as close to the front as possible so that it will be the first thing that the intruders grab and that it will instantly capture them without giving them a chance to cause trouble.
  • Rule #5: A stolen bell loses its powers – A motorcycle bell is all about good intentions, so if it is stolen along with the motorcycle, its powers will be lost and gremlins will be let loose. The burglar has no chance.
  • Rule #6: The bell should be occasionally cleaned and polished – The bell must be polished after each cleaning of the bicycle. While doing it, one must remember all of the friends who have died; this is how one can show them respect. Keeping in mind the significance of being free and in the wind is also necessary. Oh, and the bell gets a nice shine from it.

In contrast to other Gremlin rules, you are permitted to get wet and eat after Midnight. These are a fun addition to your bike, whether you believe in superstitions or not.

How Do You Give And Take The Guardian Bell?

Additionally, there are differences in the guardian bell’s giving and receiving procedures. The prevailing belief among motorcyclists is that while you can purchase a guardian bell for yourself, it won’t have the same impact as if a fellow rider had given it to you.

There are also a select few fortunate individuals who have actually inherited a gremlin bell from a WWII pilot. As a result of having defeated the most powerful gremlins that existed, these bells have the greatest strength against them.

These tiny bells have profound significance, regardless of the legend you subscribe to: to convey your deep concern for someone’s security. Anyone in your family who rides a motorcycle would appreciate receiving a guardian bell as a gift.

Keep your bell when you sell your motorcycle rather than give it to the new owner. It must be removed from the bell and given to the new rider face-to-face if you want to convey the power of friendship that the bell represents.

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