What Motorcycle Should I Get? How to Choose Your First Motorcycle?

What Motorcycle Should I Get? How to Choose Your First Motorcycle?

We’ll discuss buying new versus used, the best types of motorcycles for beginners, and motorcycle safety.

There are two types of prospective motorcycle owners: those who are certain of the motorcycle they want to purchase and those who are so perplexed by the vast selection of options and confusing nomenclature that they are unsure of how to select a first bike.

There is, of course, a better way, and that is to be informed about your options and pick the first motorcycle that is suitable for you.

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Different Types of Motorcycles

When motorcycles first came into existence at the turn of the 20th century, they were essentially motorized bicycles. There was no distinction made between on- and off-road motorcycles, let alone more specialized motorcycles.

But there are many different motorcycle types available today. If you’re asking yourself, “what motorcycle should I get”, you should first consider the type of riding you want to do. For city commuting and urban riding, on-road sport, street, and cruiser motorcycles will work best.

What Motorcycle Should I Get? How to Choose Your First Motorcycle?

You might prefer an adventure bike, a sport tourer, or a café racer for excursions, weekend rides, and ride-outs with friends. Sports bikes are unrivaled for track days, and dirt bikes and enduro bikes are the best for off-road riding. If you want to be environmentally conscious and travel through town in electric silence, you might also want to think about getting an electric motorcycle.

Below, you will find some of the most popular types of motorcycles and their pros and cons so you can finally answer the question, “which motorcycle is best for me?”.

Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle

When considering what kind of motorcycle you should get, there are some important questions to ask yourself. The best motorcycle for you will be the bike that is easy to ride, fit the type of riding you want to do and boost your confidence as a rider.

Below, we’re listing some of the most important points to consider when you’re deciding what is the best motorcycle for you:

Size and Weight of the Motorcycle

Motorcycles in the small- to medium-sized range in terms of size and weight are best if you are a beginner rider. Motorcycles that are large and heavy are more difficult to control and maneuver. A large, 600-pound machine will be intimidating to a complete novice and much more challenging to learn.

Look for lighter, smaller, or mid-sized motorcycles that weigh less than 400 pounds if you’re a beginner rider.

The Power of the Motorcycle

When trying to answer the question, “Which motorcycle is best for me”, always take the bike’s power into consideration. Similar to size and weight, the motorcycle’s power is crucial, especially when you’re first starting out.

What Motorcycle Should I Get? How to Choose Your First Motorcycle?

Due to their more restrained power, small and mid-sized motorcycles with capacities between 250 and 650 cc are ideal for beginners. 750-1300 cc motorcycles, on the other hand, maybe too powerful and difficult to control for a beginner.

Sitting Position

Motorcycles with an upright seating position are the best for new riders. The bike is the simplest to ride and control in this position. A sport bike’s more forward-leaning position is more challenging for a total beginner to master.

New Or Used?

To recap, if you’re the type of person who suddenly fell in love with a particular bike and had to have it, you might insist that no other vehicle will do. You might be determined to go out and purchase that brand-new, stunning bike. Don’t do it, is the sole piece of advice I can offer.

Why? Not because I’m here to deflate your hopes or sap your energy. Your first bike should be a cheap used bike that satisfies the aforementioned beginner-friendly requirements for three good reasons.

First, remember how I said you had to start by asking yourself what you wanted to do with the bike? And you’ll recall that I said you would probably be at least partially incorrect in your answer. What you think is your dream bike may not be your dream bike at all after a year of riding. If you purchase a new bike, you’ll only suffer greater depreciation losses when you later sell it to purchase the bike you really want.

What Motorcycle Should I Get? How to Choose Your First Motorcycle?

Second, while you’re still learning, you’re probably going to drop that motorcycle. You’re going to be sadder if it’s your gorgeous new dream bike than if it’s a cheap, used bike.

Third, there’s a chance you’ll decide this motorcycle thing isn’t for you. If that happens, you’ll be glad you didn’t invest more money in it. If you do discover that you enjoy riding a motorcycle, your first bike won’t be the last one you ever purchase. In fact, if you get hooked like us, you’ll want to buy all kinds of different bikes and experience different kinds of riding. You won’t want to give up riding the bike you once considered to be your ideal one.

Most of us who have been around the block a few times think the best course of action is to buy a used bike, ride it for a year, determine where your true interests in motorcycles lie, improve your riding abilities through some continuing education, and then buy the bike that best suits your needs. Then, for probably about what you paid for it, sell that used beginner bike to a different new rider. Figure out Why Are Used Motorcycles So Expensive?

Conclusion: How to Choose Your First Motorcycle?

Make sure you purchase a motorcycle that fits the style of riding you want to do in addition to researching various motorcycle models. The motorcycle’s weight, size, and power should then be compared for optimum performance and handling. Last but not least, make sure your new motorcycle is always secure and safe.

We hope that this guide will assist you in making an informed choice regarding the type of motorcycle you should purchase.


What CC Bike Should I Start With?

For beginner motorcycle riders, the recommended engine is 500cc to 600cc. The lower the cc figure, the easier the bike will handle, and the more forgiving it will be to the inevitable mistakes that new riders make. Even though a bike’s engine is smaller, you can still ride quickly.

How Do I Know Which Motorcycle is Right for Me?

Check the distance from the seat to the controls: The foot and hand controls should be simple to access from the seat. The motorcycle is not the right size for you if you have to bend over or stretch to do this. A good time to check the accessibility of the ground is now.

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