Tech Talks: Don’t Trust ChatGPT’s AI for Motorcycle Gear Advice

Tech Talks: Don't Trust ChatGPT's AI for Motorcycle Gear Advice

The idea of publicly accessible artificial intelligence (AI) hadn’t yet gone viral or become a mainstream phenomenon when ChatGPT was introduced on November 30th, 2017; sure, there were a few programs serving niches here and there, but nothing prepared for use on such a large scale as the good old WWW (World Wide Web) archives.

Today, it seems like everyone has tried chatting with the ChatGPT AI chatbot, seeking guidance on topics ranging from love to business to future predictions. However, despite ChatGPT’s impressive intelligence, not all of its predictions are accurate (surprise).

Consider the latest offering from Motorcycle Gear Hub.

The team at Motorcycle Gear Hub asked ChatGPT questions about motorcycle safety gear and received a significant number of incorrect answers, demonstrating why you SHOULD NOT use ChatGPT as a resource when asking about safety gear for vehicles with two wheels.

Don’t believe us? Here’s MCGearHub’s list of ChatGPT’s flops, with every single offering an answer the system doesn’t (yet) get, but willingly gave:

  • ChatGPT posts completely wrong information on the EN 17092 standard
  • ChatGPT incorrectly explains each Class and recommends Class C motorcycle garments as high performance
  • Class D motorcycle garments do not exist to ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT incorrectly states that the EN 17092 standard also applies to motorcycle gloves and motorcycle boots
  • ChatGPT incorrectly lists CE Level 2 motorcycle gloves
  • ChatGPT provides an even-worse, incorrect response when asked about CE Level 2-KP gloves

Have you ever wondered where an artificial intelligence system gets its information from?

It’s called “Web-Scraping,” and it means that In order to provide you with an answer, ChatGPT “scrapes” (or extracts) “relevant data” from websites and stores its findings in a database.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT’s response to your question could be pooched, endangering your next scoot if ChatGPT believes a significant portion of the internet to be incorrect and relevant.

And just in case somebody on the other end of this screen doesn’t agree, let’s go over ChatGPT’s own answer on her reason for existence, and why she was created:

“My goal as an AI language model is to help people and deliver information as effectively as possible. I was developed to assist users like you by responding to inquiries, providing explanations, generating text, and conversing on a variety of subjects.”

“I’m here to help, whether you need help with general knowledge, writing a creative piece, or research. I want to be a resource that you can trust and use.”

In conclusion, ChatGPT might be giving it her all, but MCGearHub was right to spread the word. AI reliability (and the system’s useability for general topics) is still a work in progress, and your safety on a bike is not to be taken lightly.

The takeaway is this: Feel free to consult ChatGPT for the most recent Hollywood rumors and to adjust your meal-preparation schedules, but kindly leave the safety gear questions to those who obsess over ATTGAT, take pride in honesty, and make it all about the accurate information—people who actually ride a motorcycle on a regular basis.


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