RCTC Offering Motorcycle Safety Training Courses

RCTC Offering Motorcycle Safety Training Courses

Motorcycle training classes are offered from late April to early October at Rochester Community and Technical College.

Riders can get their motorcycle license through the program’s 19 basics and two intermediate courses. For those with no prior riding experience, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation developed the fundamental riding course. Riders who complete the 11.5-hour course will learn the fundamentals of stopping, shifting, turning, and emergency braking while riding straight lines.

“They learn how to combine all of that from us. We teach them different thought processes and different behaviors on the road to help them be safer riders to anticipate what cars might do,” said Jas Caffrey the rider coach.

As Caffery believes that motorcycle riding is becoming more popular, class sizes have increased significantly over time.

“As we become more diverse, we are seeing a lot younger riders and more female riders. Every sphere of the community is represented by bikers. As we become more accepted and people are more about motorcycles it really is becoming more popular,” said Caffrey.

Prior to the start of class, riders must have their motorcycle instruction permit. Course registration is currently available.

Reference: www.kimt.com

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