New Chinese Motorcycle Brand Zero Presents the LH450 Bobber

New Chinese Motorcycle Brand Zero Presents the LH450 Bobber

The new Zero LH450 is unrelated to Zero Motorcycles and resembles a scaled-down Triumph Bonneville Bobber.

Most likely, when you hear the name Zero, you think of contemporary electric motorcycles. The California-based business is widely regarded as having invented the electric motorcycle market. Having said that, the Zero we’re discussing today has nothing to do with Zero Motorcycles; rather, it’s a new Chinese manufacturer by the same name, which recently introduced a new model known as the LH450.

The Chinese motorcycle brand Zero made its debut at the Chongqing Moexpo in 2022, and it has just introduced its first production model to the Chinese market. It’s not electric, and like many other Chinese models, it appears to have taken too many styling cues from a machine that is more widely used and comes from a well-known brand. It is the Triumph Bonneville Bobber in the case of the LH450. Right away, it became apparent that Zero wanted to capitalize on the rapidly expanding custom-style, neo-retro market.

In fact, a number of other brands—many of them from China—have already released their own versions of classic-style bobbers, so the Chinese brand isn’t the first to do so. With a floating saddle, a concealed rear shock, fork gaiters, and of course the ever-present round LED headlight, the LH450 features a nearly identical design. In addition, the fuel tank has a white pinstripe around its perimeter, a design element that appears to have been taken from retro-style BMWs.

Chinese manufacturers frequently swap engines between each other to improve performance, and the LH450 is no exception. A 450cc parallel-twin engine from Zongshen, another Chinese manufacturer, powers it. The engine’s square bore and stroke measure 66 by 66 millimeters, and it produces a meek 37 horsepower and 24 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual gearbox with a chain final drive is then used to transfer power to the ground.

As for the foundation, it has typical telescopic forks up front that are connected to a hidden mono-shock at the back that is tucked away under the saddle. The bike is equipped with rather posh cross-spoked wheels and tubeless tires. The bike also has an LED headlight and a digital LCD instrument panel. All of these features are available for the surprisingly affordable price of just 26,920 Yuan, or roughly $3,900 USD.


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