Motorcyclist Hits Driver With Helmet in Apparent Road Rage

Motorcyclist Hits Driver With Helmet in Apparent Road Rage

In an apparent case of road rage, a motorcyclist hit a driver in the face with a motorcycle helmet on Sunday in Midwood, according to Shomrim.

The rider can be seen stopping on East 3rd Street between Avenues P and Quentin shortly after 5 o’clock in surveillance video released by Shomrim. On Sunday, they approached a Jewish man, 43, as he got out of his car with a young child.

Despite the driver’s denial that he ever cut off the motorcycle rider, the motorcyclist claimed that the driver had done so. According to a witness, the motorcyclist yelled, “[expletive] Jew” as he confronted the driver.

The Jewish man was struck in the face by the motorcycle rider, as seen on video. The attacker swings his helmet again, but this time doesn’t appear to make contact with the victim as the victim moves closer to him and assumes a fighting stance. No more blows were delivered as the two square off in the final seconds of the video.

The victim had a bloody and swollen nose in addition to a cut above his eye. He was brought to Maimonides Medical Center by Hatzoloh in a sound state.

Both the police and the Shomrim are looking for the attacker.


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