Local Motorcycle Club Turns the Fourth of July into a Day of Giving

Local Motorcycle Club Turns the Fourth of July into a Day of Giving

In Texas, the Brotherhood Forever Motorcycle Club uses their firework display to raise money for several nonprofit organizations that support veterans and students in remote high schools.

Brotherhood Forever Motorcycle Club (BFMC) has been giving to various charities in Central Texas since 2017 with the proceeds from their firework stand.

“We’ve expanded out for the last couple of years,” said Member of BFMC, Lori Roberts, “From the VFW to current scholarships for high school students attending technical colleges, to a different foundation for veterans with PTSD.”

Foundation 14 is one of the charities they donate to and they help veterans with PTSD gain a new outlook on life by introducing them to a unique lifestyle.

Roberts described the group’s mission, “They check the veterans out and consult with their families to ensure that they are on board before sending them to a motorcycle riding school and subsequently purchasing a motorcycle for them. Then, because our club is family-oriented, they help them become involved in the community by hosting rides similar to those we host.”

The younger generation is also protected by this motorcycle club, who offers them a chance at a successful future.

“We don’t want to deter anyone from attending college because not everyone can get into a four-year institution. We need plumbers, and electricians and linemen and people that wanna get out there and do the work that some of us wouldn’t dare,” said Roberts.

Over the years, Brotherhood Forever Motorcycle Club has widened its influence as part of its ongoing effort to improve the community.

Roberts explained, “We increased the number of scholarships we awarded from two $500 scholarships to three $800 scholarships, and now we’re working to expand on that to possibly increase their number.”

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