BMW CE 02 is a Rad Little E-Motorbike for the City

BMW CE 02 is a Rad Little E-Motorbike for the City

A new pair of smartglasses that put important information in the rider’s line of sight debuts alongside the new electric motorcycle.

  • The CE 02 is a new electric motorcycle from BMW Motorrad that is intended for commuting around town and has a much more stylish appearance than a mobility scooter.
  • On board are two 1.96 kWh batteries and an electric motor with a maximum output of 15 horsepower. That should provide a driving range of about 56 miles, according to BMW Motorrad.
  • Additionally, a pair of smartglasses are being unveiled. Riders who wear them receive crucial information like speed and turn-by-turn navigation in their line of sight.

The automotive industry is buzzing about electric powertrains. BMW Motorrad is adding a second electric model to its lineup of two-wheelers in order to maintain its commitment to environmental sustainability. For the 2022 model year, the CE 02 will replace the CE 04 as a smaller, more affordable vehicle.

While BMW insists this new product is neither an e-motorbike nor an e-scooter, we can’t quite get on board with the company’s marketing materials, which refer to the CE 02 as an “e-parkourer.” The bike has a street-smart appearance that will fit in perfectly in urban settings, so we can see where they’re going with it.

Global markets will have access to two different versions, one of which has a single 1.96-kWh battery and a 5-hp electric motor. The more potent 15-hp version, which doubles the batteries for a total of 3.92 kWh and a claimed range of about 56 miles per charge, will be the only option for American buyers. Estimated top speed is 59 mph.

Regular riders may find it more convenient to upgrade to the optional 1.5-kW charger because it speeds up charging compared to the 0.9-kW home charging adapter, which is standard. The Highline package, which is optional, also includes Bluetooth phone connectivity, a smartphone holder, heated hand grips, and an improved seat. It also includes a higher-powered charger.

The CE 02 has a typical 3.5-inch display between the handlebars that, among other things, displays speed and remaining range. Additionally, there is a USB-C port for charging a smartphone and an app to monitor the bike’s charging progress.

Heads Up!

BMW Motorrad is introducing smartglasses to tie the entire connected system together. These glasses work with the bike’s telemetry to display speed, charge, and turn-by-turn directions on the right lens. You are not forced to use the CE 02 if you want to try the glasses because they are compatible with other BMW Motorrad products.

We had the opportunity to test out the glasses at a recent BMW event, and we can confirm that they function as a kind of head-up display, offering enough adjustment capability that the majority of users will have a clear view of both the road ahead and the information displayed. Even though they’re not the most stylish sunglasses, frequent riders may find the functionality to be worthwhile. The cost, which is approximately $750 at the current exchange rate, is what might cause buyers to hesitate.

Although it also has a high starting price of about $8200, the CE 02 appears to be a fantastic option for getting around town and avoiding traffic. Although BMW Motorrad hasn’t yet disclosed the prices for the options, we believe that the CE 02 may approach the $10,000 mark with the Highline package. The BMW Motorrad dealers in the US should receive the CE 02 soon. in early 2024.


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