9 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets In 2022

best bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Your head will be protected by a motorcycle helmet in the event of a collision. Bluetooth-integrated motorcycle helmet systems are available for riders who want to use their Bluetooth devices without having to clamp whatever part of the helmet needs to be removed in order to install a more conventional headset.

This article is a great place to start your search and learn more about these gadgets if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker or a helmet with built-in Bluetooth speakers. We list the 9 best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in this article for you to choose the one you prefer.

What Is A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology built-in are referred to as Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. This enables the rider to make phone calls, listen to music, and more by connecting their helmet to their motorcycle’s audio system. As they provide a more practical and hands-free method of using a motorcycle’s audio system, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are growing in popularity.

How Does A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Work?

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet functions in the same way as any other Bluetooth device. They connect wirelessly to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology, enabling you to take calls, listen to music, or even chat with another rider or nearby users of the same network. When the battery in the helmet runs out, it can be replaced or recharged.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Best Running Battery Life: ILM Bluetooth Helmet

Thanks to its dual visor, replaceable liners, and air ventilation system, the ILM Bluetooth Helmet satisfies the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) safety requirements. Streaming FM radio and using GPS on long drives are both made possible by its Bluetooth 3.0 technology. The flip-up design is one of its best features because it allows riders to cruise at low speeds without covering their faces.

The ILM Bluetooth helmet offers excellent audio quality, even in windy conditions, thanks to noise-canceling microphones and built-in speakers. Within a range of 500.0 feet, the intercom system can simultaneously communicate with three riders. This helmet has up to 12.0 hours of talk time on the phone, 8.0 hours of intercom use, and 110.0 hours of standby time at full charge.

The ILM Bluetooth helmet is a good option to think about if you frequently make calls while riding, whether they are for work or just to stay in touch with family. The battery life of this Bluetooth-integrated modular motorcycle helmet can last for even the longest road trips.

ILM Bluetooth Helmet


  • Features Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Supports up to three riders
  • Has removable/washable liners


  • Isn’t available in Size Small

Best Bluetooth Intercom: Sena Outrush

The Sena Outrush Bluetooth 3.0 headset produces high-quality audio and has an integrated intercom. This implies that passengers will be able to pair their phones with Bluetooth in order to listen to playlists, make phone calls, or follow GPS directions. To ensure that riders can hear everything they need to hear, advanced noise control technology digitally lowers ambient riding noise.

With a battery life of up to 15.0 hours, this helmet has an intercom mode that allows two riders to talk to one another up to 800.0 meters apart. An integrated drop-down sun visor and a face shield help keep dirt and debris out of your eyes, and a quick-release ratchet strap fastens the helmet securely to the rider’s head.

When you fall or have an accident, multi-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner will cushion the blows and keep you safe.

Sena Outrush


  • Features Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Supports up to 2 riders
  • Has three-way ventilation


  • Size XXL is currently unavailable

Best Value: Torc T14B

The Torc T14B is a street bike helmet that can also be worn while riding other similar vehicles, like scooters. This helmet comes equipped with a Blinc Bluetooth system that makes it simple to stream high-quality music and handle short-range communication.

Our reviewers appreciate the Torc T14B’s fashionable appearance. Without compromising on safety, the helmet’s red and black graphic gives it a futuristic appearance. Take a look at the Torc T14B motorcycle helmet if you want to take aesthetic value into account. Its matte finish gives it a competitive edge over other helmets.

Torc T14B


  • Features Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Tailored for intermediate oval head
  • Removable/washable liner


  • Can’t link to other riders

Best Noise Cancellation: Freedconn Helmet

With its two speakers, the Freedconn Helmet enables users to listen to stereo music or podcasts while riding. The microphone in this Bluetooth helmet performs admirably because it blocks background echo and wind noise. Additionally, this helmet boasts Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) certification.

The helmet’s machine-washable microfiber lining makes cleaning it simple. Riders won’t have to worry about fumbling with additional buttons to answer a phone call or switch tracks on a playlist thanks to its one-touch control system. We particularly appreciate the Freedconn Helmet’s ability to use voice commands to request GPS directions when connected to a smartphone.

The Freedconn Helmet is an excellent choice for superior noise reduction. Its noise suppression technology will be appreciated by riders who live in windy areas or frequently travel at high speeds.

Freedconn Helmet


  • Features Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Supports up to three riders
  • Utilizes echo cancellation technology


  • Isn’t available in Size Small

Best Aerodynamics: Shoei GT-air II

Riders can prevent overheating by using the Shoei GT-Air II’s improved ventilation provided by the helmet’s shield opening in the first position. Additionally, the aerodynamics are improved by this feature, resulting in better control and reduced wind resistance at high speeds. The progressive, streamlined shell shape of this helmet, which reduces drag, is something else that riders should take note of.

The lack of a pre-installed Bluetooth headset is this helmet’s biggest drawback. The full potential of this helmet cannot be realized without a separate one, which must be purchased and installed. In order to work well with the Sena SRL2 Communication System, this helmet is built to do so.

The Shoei GT-Air II should be on your radar if you’re looking for a full-face helmet that won’t interfere with your ability to control the bike at high speeds. Your journey will be made better by its Bluetooth capabilities in addition to the shape and adjustable face shield that is great for reducing wind resistance.

Shoei GT-air II


  • Comes with a seven-year warranty
  • Features an all-new inner sun shield from Shoei
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t include a built-in Bluetooth headset

Best For Urban Riders: AGV K6 Helmet

The K6 helmet weighs 2.95 pounds, which is incredibly light compared to other helmets that can weigh as much as twice that. It is made of a combination of carbon fiber and aramid fibers. The 190-degree field of vision of the helmet and five sizable front air vents keep your head cool on warm summer days or in stop-and-go traffic.

Through wind tunnel testing, the K6 was found to be quieter and less windy when traveling at speed. Instead of using the same helmet and varying the amount of foam, AGV scales their helmets from small to 2XL. The K6’s designers added a little extra space behind the shield to accommodate glasses wearers.

AGV K6 Helmet


  • Lightweight Construction
  • Large front air vents
  • Several different sizes are available


  • No magnetic clips

Best Upgrade: Sportmodular Carbon Solid Helmet

One of the most adaptable pieces of equipment you can purchase is the AGV Sportmodular. It weighs just 3.06 pounds and is almost as light as the AGV K6 thanks to carbon fiber Construction technology created for Moto GP.

However, it also has a modular design and a hinged chin bar, making it more comfortable for ADV riders who want to swing open a lid to take a sip of water without taking the helmet off.

The sun shield and visor provide distortion-free viewing from all directions, and AGV offers an extra-wide 190-degree field of view. In order to achieve extreme quietness and minimal drag/turbulence, the Sportmodular was designed in a wind tunnel. An innovative internal cuff that can be reversed to let in more air in the summer or shut it out in the winter reduces wind noise.

Sportmodular Carbon Solid Helmet


  • Lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • Extra-wide 190-degree field of view


  • Runs slightly small. May need to size up

Best For Hot-weather Riding: LS2 Valiant II Helmet

Since the LS2 has flip-up modularity and can be worn as a three-quarter open-face helmet, the Valiant II means you don’t have to. You gain the advantages of dual shields, either sun or clear, both of which are distortion- and fog-proof. The lower opening is surrounded by carefully designed padding to guarantee a quiet ride.

Free-flowing and continuous venting are both provided, and the liner is washable and removable. This helmet comes in two shell sizes, with a 2XL-3XL version that might be a better fit if you have a larger head. This helmet is equipped with speakers at the ears and can accommodate any communication system.

LS2 Valiant II Helmet


  • Modular
  • Removable and washable
  • 2XL and 3XL sizes for larger


  • Can be loud

Best For Using A Gopro: Nexx X-Vilitur Helmet

Do you require a tripod and a motorcycle helmet? Check out Nexx’s X Vilitur, which features two GoPro mounting brackets in one unit. If you connect that to Nexx’s $329 X-Com 2 Bluetooth headset, you could oversee an action-adventure series from the saddle of your bicycle.

And you wouldn’t have to yell “Quiet on the set!” either. To lessen wind chatter, this modular led has spoilers at the leading chin edge and two rubber seals between the chin bar and the helmet frame. A chin curtain that can be adjusted blocks more wind.

To lessen irritability, the neck roll is one piece. We appreciate the built-in sun shield and the micro-ratchet chin strap, which is simpler to use with gloves on. The cheek pads are designed to let your glasses hit your ears without adding extra pressure to your skull.

Nexx X-Vilitur Helmet


  • Dual mounting brackets for GoPro
  • Double rubber seals to reduce noise
  • Single-piece neck roll to reduce irritation


  • Pinlock sold separately

How To How Do I Choose The Best Motorcycle Helmet?

When deciding to buy any motorcycle helmet, you should keep a few details in mind:


Longer rides can eventually become uncomfortable due to the weight of the helmet. Although carbon fiber and other premium materials can be used in Construction to reduce weight, metal may make for a tougher helmet.


A helmet should, above all else, fit the rider firmly and comfortably. When worn with an open-face helmet, the back and sides of the head should be adequately protected, and accessories like chin bars should fit in the right place on the face.

Field Of View

When riding, visibility is crucial. A low-profile helmet may provide better visibility but fewer safety features, such as a visor for UV protection. Safety and good vision are essential features of the ideal helmet.

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