Why Are Used Motorcycles So Expensive? 11 Reasons

why are used motorcycles so expensive

Here are some of the factors that make used motorcycles so expensive.

Considering purchasing a used motorcycle for your chopper? It’s a good idea, but given the rising cost of used bikes, you might be in for a surprise. Why then are used motorcycles so pricey?

Inflation raises the cost of goods and services, including used motorcycles, which explains why they are so expensive. As a result of the difficulty that dealerships are having keeping used motorcycles on the lot, second and third-party resellers are also selling used motorcycles at higher prices. Additionally, the mileage of the used motorcycle affects price, with low-mileage bikes being more expensive.

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Why Are Used Motorcycles So Expensive?

Are you looking for additional justifications for why used motorcycles are so expensive? Read on to learn more about the reasons I found after doing some research on this subject.

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Inflation is still rising, which means that prices for goods and services will be higher than usual. This has an effect on the price of used motorcycles. So, when inflation is high, the cost of used motorcycles can occasionally double or triple in value until inflation falls to a level that is more manageable.

Second and Third-Party Resellers

Used motorcycles are being sold by second and third-party retailers at prices higher than those you’d find at a dealership, including Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, and other sites.

Not Enough Used Motorcycles at Dealerships

There are not enough used motorcycles available at dealerships due to a lack of supply, which contributes to the price of used motorcycles.

Additionally, because used motorcycle dealerships find it difficult to keep them on the lot, space is opened up for second and third-party sellers, who can raise prices.

why are used motorcycles so expensive

The Condition of the Motorcycle

The cost of a pre-owned motorcycle will be higher if it is in excellent condition than if it is damaged and in need of repair.

In addition, if the bike’s seller knows it’s in excellent shape and free of flaws, they can charge more for it because customers are willing to pay more for high-quality goods.

The Mileage on the Used Motorcycle

You could save some money on maintenance that will soon be required if you can find a bike with significantly fewer than 10,000 miles on it or, conversely, one that has recently undergone extensive servicing and is between 10,000 and 15,000.

If you buy a bike with between 10,000 and 15,000 miles on it, be prepared to either fork over some cash for somewhat immediate maintenance or look for records that this was already done.

Supply Chain Issues

As supply chain problems have become a logistical nightmare for businesses worldwide, used motorcycle prices have increased.

Additionally, a lack of new motorcycles has been caused by supply chain problems, making production and manufacturing more challenging, and increasing the value of used bikes.

Shortage of Employees at Factories & Production Facilities

The cost of used motorcycles rises as a result of the labor shortage that affects many industries, including those that produce new motorcycles in factories and other production facilities.

why are used motorcycles so expensive

The Type of Used Motorcycle Can Increase the Value

You might notice the bike is more expensive depending on the type of motorcycle because some models, such as sports motorcycles, have much higher values.

For instance, there is a high demand for both sports motorcycles and motorcycles with multiple uses, so dealers and private sellers can charge more and people will still buy them.

Niche Used Motorcycles Have a Smaller Buyer Pool

A smaller buyer base for some niche used motorcycles results in higher prices for those bikes because fewer people will be interested in them. Therefore, expect to pay more for a used motorcycle if it’s in lower demand than the majority of other bikes because it’s more difficult to sell those bikes for a profit.

The Time of Year You Purchase the Bike Matters

Since spring and summer are the busiest riding seasons, used motorcycles will cost more during these seasons. As a result, you’ll pay more for a used motorcycle.

However, since it’s less popular in the winter because of the cold and the inability to ride as frequently, the price will probably be lower if you buy a used motorcycle then.

The Brand of Motorcycle is Popular & Reputable

Because of the brand name and the manufacturer’s reputation for producing high-quality motorcycles, some used motorcycle brands continue to hold their value.

In addition, you know you’ll pay much more for a motorcycle from a brand like Harley-Davidson, regardless of the condition, because it’s an iconic Harley.

why are used motorcycles so expensive

What is the Best Mileage for a Used Motorcycle?

You could probably assume that any motorcycle with less than 10,000 miles on the odometer is low mileage and still has a lot of life left if you’re talking about one intended for regular street use. Regarding high mileage, the majority of contemporary motorcycles ought to be fine after 20,000 miles.

Conclusion: Buying a Used Motorcycle

Due to supply chain and production problems with new motorcycles, used motorcycles are more expensive. Additionally, you will pay more even for a used Harley-Davidson because some motorcycle brands, like Harley-Davidson, have a tendency to hold their value.

Knowing why a motorcycle is so expensive might not be all that interested buyers want to know. After all, you really want to hit the open road, but spending a lot of money on your new vehicle might not be the best option. Therefore, be sure to examine the components of the bike!


Are Used Motorbikes Worth It?

It’s not a terrible idea to purchase a used bike for your first ride. To make sure the motorcycle is authentic, you must check the VIN. Next, examine the bike’s mechanics and safety features to determine its overall condition. Do a test drive last.

What Time of Year Are Motorcycles the Cheapest?

The cooler months are when you can get the best prices on new or used items. In order to make room for the new spring inventory, motorcycle dealerships must sell excess stock, which could result in lower prices.

Is There a Shortage of Used Motorcycles?

As a result of the pandemic, there is a shortage of used motorcycles available on the market. The high demand and shortage for motorcycles have an effect on the used bike market pricing. This is anticipated to go on until the supply chain problems are fixed.

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