Where Are India Motorcycles Made?

where are indian motorcycles made

Indian motorcycles are a mainstay of American motorcycle culture. In what country are Indian Motorcycles produced? At the Spirit Lake, Iowa plant, all Indian Motorcycles are currently produced in the USA. In contrast, a number of the components are purchased elsewhere before being shipped to Spirit Lake for assembling, just like all other bike manufacturers. You can learn more about Indian motorcycles by reading this article.

A Brief History Of The Indian Motorcycle Brand

Knowing who currently makes these vintage bikes doesn’t tell you about the brand’s struggles, what the business stands for, or what future plans it has.

Actually, as long as these motorcycles are produced, the consumer will make them and will do so indefinitely. In addition, since all of these bikes are hand-built by motorcyclists and cyclists in the United States, other riders and enthusiasts make them possible.

However, you need to have a better understanding of the past in order to appreciate how potent that concept is.

George M. was the catalyst for everything. Hendee actively promoted racing and was a former champion in bicycle competitions. In 1987, George Hendee established a business that produces bicycles, adding to his already impressive resume of accomplishments in the field.

There were various brand names on the bicycles, and the company was known as the Hendee Manufacturing Company. The American Indians and the Silver King and Queen were among them. Shortened the Indian, the name quickly evolved into Hendee’s main brand name for his line.

Engineer Oscar Hedstrom was hired by Hendee in 1901 to develop a gasoline bicycle engine. The result was the first and most basic Indian Motorcycle. It launched the Hendee Manufacturing Company into the spotlight and was a strong machine for its time. One year after it was first manufactured, the first motorcycle was formally sold to a retail customer.

Up until 1953, Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles were each other’s biggest rivals until Harley benefited from the post-war economic wave that India missed. There have been numerous attempts since India’s bankruptcy and closure to resurrect the brand and reintroduce America’s First Motorcycle to the world.

Until now, Polaris has been successful. In 2011 Polaris bought the Since then, Indian Motorcycle Company has been creating amazing, high-quality bikes. The Chief Vintage, the FTR 1200, and everything in between is examples of these.

Where Are India Motorcycles Made?

The Osceola, Wisconsin facility is where all Indian Motorcycle engines are made and assembled, despite what you may have read on the forums.

Indian Motorcycles buys some parts from other companies, just like all other major bike manufacturers do.

Simply put, it is far more cost-effective to purchase items like brakes, suspension, and electronic parts from businesses known to be knowledgeable in their specialized field and who can provide them in bulk at a lower cost than you could create them yourself.

Before even taking into account the millions required at the research and development stage if you were to try and make them internally, that is.

The majority of brand-name motorcycles and automobiles, for instance, use Brembo brakes. The Italian manufacturer, whose brakes are regarded as the best in the world, has facilities in 14 countries, including the USA.

Since the 1960s, they have only produced brakes and tested and improved them. A set of Brembo brakes inspires confidence in both the professional and amateur racer as well as the informed consumer.

where are indian motorcycles made

Who Is The Brand Owner Of Indian Motorcycles?

As the parent company, Polaris currently owns the name Indian Motorcycle. Indian Motorcycle was bought from its previous owner Stellican Ltd. by Polaris, which is in turn owned by American corporation Textron Inc.

Another area where Indian Motorcycles still proudly represent America is in this. Americans continue to control the brand.

  • In Spirit Lake, Iowa, USA, Indian bikes are produced.
  • In Medina, Minnesota, the parent company Polaris has its headquarters.
  • Additionally, Textron Inc., the parent company, is still headquartered in Rhode Island, where it also has offices for Polaris and Indian Motorcycle.

Who Are Polaris?

$3 billion American company Polaris Inc. was established in 1954. With a passion for encouraging people to experience outdoor adventures through ride-and-drive activities, they have established a reputation for making high-quality products in the power sports industry, including everything from snowmobiles to ATVs.

In recent years, they’ve taken steps to enter the electric vehicle market as well as commercial and military vehicles. Polaris has over 30 brands under its umbrella, some of these include:

  • Polaris RZR
  • Slingshot
  • Godfrey
  • Klim
  • Trail Tech

They currently only have one motorcycle brand, which is the Indian Motorcycle Company. They did, however, also own Victory motorcycles at the time they bought Indian.

The V92C was the company’s first motorcycle model under the Victory brand, which it launched in 1997. It was a V-twin that was specifically built to compete with Harley Davidson cruisers in the domestic market.

The majority of the parts used in the assembly of Victory bicycles were made in the US. Victory motorcycles were much more advanced in their engineering at the time than HD bikes, and their engines offered a smoother, faster ride than anything Milwaukee could muster.

Victory had a difficult time breaking into the market because competing with industry titans like Harley Davidson is not an easy task. They persisted though, and the Victory Vegas, the KingPin, the High Ball, and the 8 Ball were eventually introduced.

While these models assisted Victory in growing its fan base in 2011, a new opportunity presented itself for Polaris, signaling the start of Victory motorcycles’ demise. Polaris bought the Indian Motorcycle brand in an effort to compete with HD kings and appeal to customers’ emotions.

After all, India was one of the world’s first motorcycle manufacturers, having been founded in 1901. Indian actually has two more years on Harley.

The first Indian Motorcycles appeared in showrooms and began to be produced two years after the brand name was purchased.

The Victory brand was eventually phased out as Indian Motorcycles was chosen as the company’s primary motorcycle brand. They made this decision to stop manufacturing the Victory brand.

where are indian motorcycles made

Since then, the business has concentrated on the traditional styling of Indian motorcycles and brought back a few of the iconic names first used by the Indian Motorcycle Company, with the infamous Scout and Chief leading the pack.

Even the factory team for Indian Motorcycles has been revived by Polaris. As they did the first time around, the renowned Indian Wrecking Crew has re-entered the Flat Track scene and is beginning to rule.

With many other major manufacturers from around the world, including Harley Davidson, being challenged, the Indian Motorcycle brand is back in full force.

By paying attention to its customer base, the business has demonstrated its ability to provide what the motorcycle community wants.

Why Are Indian Motorcycles Called Indian?

Even though the Indian Motorcycle Company was founded in America, its name still refers to the heritage of the motorcycles it produced at its inception and continues to produce today.

As most people know, the term “Indian” was a widely-used colloquial name for the North American Native Americans. This is due to the fact that Christopher Columbus believed he had arrived in India when he first arrived all those years ago. They were thought to be the continent’s first inhabitants.

This idea gave rise to the name of the Indian Motorcycle Company. It fit with the fact that this business manufactured motorcycles first, two years before Harley-Davidson.

Which Indian Motorcycle Is The Most Expensive?

Currently, there are two correct responses to this question, and both are true technically.

The 1915 Indian 8-Valve is the most expensive Indian Motorcycle currently on the market, which is good news if you enjoy antiques or vintage vehicles. It can travel up to 131 miles per hour at its top speed, making it a historical motorcycle. When you consider the time this bike was made, this is remarkable. It costs about $60,000 to buy.

The most expensive Indian Motorcycle is its 2020 Roadmaster Elite, though, if you’re searching for something more contemporary. The starting price is $37,999 MSRP for one without any additional features, and it is an absolute powerhouse.

Considering that the Roadmaster Elite has some high-end features like a 600-watt PowerBand Plus audio system. There will only be 200 of these special edition bikes made, so there will be fierce competition for them.

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