What is a Motorcycle Squid?

What is a Motorcycle Squid?

A “motorcycle squid,” is being dumped more and more frequently in the motorcycle community these days. Some motorcyclists are so irresponsible and dangerous, they don’t use common sense when driving on the road, we call them motorcycle squids. The squid rides in a reckless manner, often endangering the lives of himself and other riders around him. However, many people misunderstand the meaning of the word and often use it in the wrong context. Therefore, it is important to understand the correct usage of the term. So what exactly does motorcycle squid mean?

What Exactly is a Motorcycle Squid?

Motorcycle Squid

As stupid as it sounds, Moto Squid is actually a fool who decided to become a motorcyclist and act like a squid on the road.

The motorcycle squid rides in a reckless manner, weaving dangerously between traffic lanes, endangering itself and other riders around it. It’s called “motorcycle squid” because squid is known for their small size, lack of brain (or thinking), and aggressive underwater behavior.

The same goes for motorcycle squid on the road; they are reckless drivers whose actions disregard their own lives or the lives of others on the road. They are mostly irresponsible riders who do not follow the rules of the road or use common sense.

They like to violate traffic laws and often perform dangerous stunts in front of other drivers and vehicles, thus putting themselves and others around them at high risk. They ignore the laws of lane splitting; they intertwine dangerously between cars; they accelerate on the highway; they ride with their gadgets, and they ride without helmets. Quite simply, motorcycle squid is a common road hazard, and need to know what they are doing while riding.

Where Did the Term “Motorcycle Squid” Come From?

When it comes to the origin of the word “motorcycle squid”, no one really knows. However, there are some educated guesses. The most logical guess is that the terns came from the surfer community, which described how new surfers wriggled or “squirreled” through the water. These new surfers are a lot like squid in that they learn how to handle surfboards and waves. Presumably, the term was later used by motorcyclists as they described new riders learning to control their bikes on the track. In the end, it’s interesting that responsible cyclists actually came up with an acronym that perfectly encapsulates what a squid is: stupid, fast, disheveled, urgent, and dead.

How Do You Know If Someone is a Motorcycle Squid?

How Do You Know If Someone is a Motorcycle Squid?

When a motorcycle rider acts like a jerk while riding a motorcycle, it’s clear the guy is a motorcycle squid. Squid’s motorcycle riding styles include:

  • Driving at high speed

Most motorcycle squids like to ride fast and take risks. They get excited about speeding on busy roads and often navigating dangerously through traffic on sports bikes. Just because they ride fast, doesn’t mean they have a lot of riding skills.

motorcycle squids are different from serious racers in that they usually use most of their energy on the track, however, motorcycle squids still enjoy fast and dangerous rides.

  • Close to car

motorcycle squid riders often behave like bullies, approaching their own car or motorcycle dangerously, and threatening other drivers.

  • Went the wrong way

Confused motorcycle squid riders often travel along one-way streets, contrary to traffic. They also rode on the sidewalk and crossed the dangerous and illegal crosswalk.

  • Riding without equipment

Many motorcycle squids don’t think they can get hurt while riding, so they don’t need protective gear like helmets at all to be on the safe side. motorcycle squid usually wears little or no protective gear or clothing. Sometimes they wear shorts and shirts, sometimes they go shirtless which will leave them with no protection in the event of car crashes and accidents.

  • Take unnecessary risks

Many motorcycle squids enjoy doing dangerous stunts on the road. They can ride two-person bikes; pull wheels; drive with their feet on the handlebars, and perform other reckless behaviors.

  • Staring at others

Motorcycle squid likes to make intense eye contact with other drivers or drivers on the road. They often stare at you for long periods of time to scare people.

Consequences of Being a Motorcycle Squid

Whether they realize it or not, motorcycle squid creates new dangers on the road through stupid and irresponsible behavior. Motorcycle squids not only put themselves at risk but also put other riders and drivers at risk, resulting in motorcycle accidents.

If you are a motorcycle squid, you may be arrested for your actions. In many cities and states, colliding with traffic on a one-way street or driving without a helmet is equivalent to reckless driving, a violation that often results in the seizure of your motorcycle until all fines are paid.

Many traffic accidents are caused by motorcycle squid, which weaves dangerously between lanes and accelerates recklessly regardless of oncoming drivers. Riding a motorcycle is a huge responsibility, and if not taken seriously, it can have serious repercussions.

How Not to Be a Motorcycle Squid

Motorcycle squid is a little deaf when it comes to his behavior. While they think they’re cool, other cyclists think they’re idiots. No one knows why motorcycle squid can’t see their true colors. Motorcycle squids can be said to be a danger to themselves and others, so it pays to know how not to be a danger. To avoid motorcycle squid-like behavior, learn to ride your bike responsibly. Take a motorcycle class and, for God’s sake, get a motorcycle license. When on the road, be respectful of other cyclists and drivers.

Second, research motorcycle guards. It’s important to have a handy motorcycle acronym to know: ATGATT for all gear, all the time. This even works for short runs. After all, people never know what will happen, so protection is paramount. Motorcycle protection devices include:

  • helmet
  • riding jacket
  • cycling pants
  • Jersey
  • boots
  • Gloves
  • body armor
  • Combined guards
  • goggles

How to Avoid a Motorcycle Squid?

You can avoid a motorcycle squid by keeping your distance from him or her. Make sure you know when it is safe to pass, as he or she could suddenly change lanes and cause an accident. If you feel a motorcycle squid on the way, avoid him or her.

If you spot an unsafe rider, call immediately and report the motorcycle squid’s location and behavior to the authorities. You can also share your concerns about their reckless driving on social media like Facebook and Twitter by tagging local authorities in your posts.

The motorcycle squad isn’t going away anytime soon, so we need to be vigilant and stay safe on the road.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, motorcycle squid is certainly not going away anytime soon. For whatever reason, these characters believe themselves to be invincible and not to collapse. Sadly, it is this attitude that brings danger to themselves and others. A motorcycle is a beautiful machine, but it’s just a machine. It can’t think, it can’t see the way for you, and it can’t make decisions in an instant. These are all riders. If riders refuse to pay attention to the basic rules of motorcycle roads and continue to play dumb, it’s only a matter of time before they get injured or die.

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