Motorcycle Thief Dies in Crash During Get-away

Motorcycle Thief Dies in Crash During Get-away

On May 16th, while fleeing the scene of his crime, a motorbike thief crashed into a car and perished.

Ms. Krittiya Waiyakula, 29, the driver of the Toyota Yaris involved in the collision, told police that a speeding motorbike traveling in the wrong direction suddenly came straight at her as she was returning home to Pattaya after work on the poorly lit and still-under-construction Sukhumvit highway. The motorcycle slammed into her car head-on because she was unable to avoid it or brake in time.

Additionally, the motorcycle’s owner, Mr. While visiting the Pattaya Night Market, Neanrit Arison left his iPad tucked under the seat of his stolen red Yamaha Filano and used it to track down its whereabouts. Sadly, when he eventually located his bike, Chalermpol, the 42-year-old thief, was already dead and lying next to it on the road.

Before questioning the car’s driver, police conducted a preliminary investigation on the scene to ascertain what caused the collision. They questioned the owner of the motorcycle about the theft as well.


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