Man Dead After Motorcycle Crash in Darke County

Man Dead After Motorcycle Crash in Darke County

Tuesday night in Darke County, a motorcycle accident claimed the life of one person.

According to Darke County Sheriff Mark Whittaker, Versailles police, fire, and deputies were called to the 9300 block around 7:30 p.m. due to reports of a motorcycle crash.

According to Whittaker, when police arrived on the scene they discovered a motorcycle in a field with a single driver who had been declared dead. The driver was described as an adult male.

According to deputies, a 2008 Yamaha motorcycle was moving eastbound on Jamison Road when it lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road, into a ditch, throwing the driver from the vehicle.

The rider wasn’t wearing a helmet, according to Whittaker.

In addition to wearing property safety gear and being alert, he advised motorcycle riders to slow down. In addition, he cautioned other motorists to watch out for motorcycles.


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