How to Get a Motorcycle License in New Jersey?

how to get a motorcycle license in nj

Riding a motorcycle is liberating and exciting, especially in the state of New Jersey with its numerous long, winding roads, highways, and scenery. However, there are a few requirements you must meet in order to become a legal motorcyclist in New Jersey.

In New Jersey, there are over 330,000 motorcycles that are officially registered. Are you prepared to travel with them down Skyline Drive and past the Hudson River? Getting a motorcycle license in New Jersey is a straightforward process, especially if you are willing to complete a rider training course first.

With step-by-step instructions, find out how to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or license in New Jersey.

Do You Need a License to Operate a Motorcycle in New Jersey?

Yes, you need a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license to operate a motorcycle in If you don’t have a driver’s license, you must obtain a motorcycle license in order to ride in New Jersey.

You must be at least 17 years of age to legally operate a motorcycle in In New Jersey, your qualifications will be accepted if you are from another state but have a current motorcycle license or a current driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement.

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How to Get a Motorcycle License in New Jersey?

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission states that a motorcycle license is required to operate any kind of motorcycle in the state. This license is available as an endorsement on a regular driver’s license or as a motorcycle-only license that isn’t valid for other types of vehicles.

Step 1: Meet the Requirements & Get the Motorcycle Examination Permit

Your age has a significant impact on the conditions necessary to obtain a full motorcycle license in New Jersey. You need parental consent unless you are already 18 years old and must be at least 17 years old to obtain a motorcycle permit.

A knowledge test and a vision test must be passed in order to obtain your permit. You’ll also need to bring a variety of IDs with you to the appointment. During your practice rides and beginner courses, you will be able to ride motorcycles with this examination permit.

Step 2: Complete Six Months of Practice Rides

You can gain the experience you need to ride a motorcycle on the road by participating in practice rides. If you are under 21, you must have completed six months of riding practice. You only need three months if you are older than that.

how to get a motorcycle license in nj

Step 3: Attend a Basic Rider Course

This stage of learning to ride a motorcycle is probably the most crucial. This step can be finished at any time during the three to six months you spend practicing riding. All over the state, authorized motorcycle schools offer the courses.

A practice course is included in the class as well as lecture time. After completing the course, you receive a card that enables you to submit an application for the real motorcycle license at the conclusion of the practice ride months.

Step 4: Take the New Jersey Motorcycle Road Test

The courses you took during the Basic Rider Course will be similar to the motorcycle road test in New Jersey. Your New Jersey Probationary Motorcycle License will be issued to you once you pass this test.

This test requires you to bring your own motorcycle. You can legally ride a motorcycle on the road with a probationary motorcycle license, but there are some limitations.

Step 5: Upgrade Your Probationary License to An Unrestricted License

In the state of New Jersey, you are now officially a licensed motorcycle rider after completing step four, but not completely.

Step 5 is there to let you know that after a year of holding the probationary license, you are qualified to upgrade it to an unrestricted license. Being older than 18 is the only additional condition for obtaining the full version.

New Jersey Motorcycle License Requirements

In New Jersey, obtaining a motorcycle license entails a number of steps and can be somewhat complicated.

If you have a New Jersey driver’s license, you must meet these requirements:

how to get a motorcycle license in nj
  • Complete the Basic Rider Course (BRC) from approved motorcycle schools in New Jersey OR apply for a motorcycle permit
  • Practice riding for at least 20 days following permit restrictions *only required if you skip the BRC class
  • Complete a motorcycle skills test *waived if you complete the BRC class
  • Pass the motorcycle knowledge test *waived if you complete the BRC class
  • Pass a vision exam
  • Pay a motorcycle license endorsement fee
  • Be at least 17 years old (for a probationary license)
  • Have 6 points of ID

If you do not have a driver’s license, the following New Jersey motorcycle license requirements apply:

  • Obtain a New Jersey motorcycle permit
  • Pass a knowledge test
  • Pass a vision test
  • Practice riding with a permit for at least 6 months if under 21 or 3 months if over 21
  • Complete the Basic Riding Course (BRC) *not required but failed to complete the course can result in license restrictions
  • Pass the New Jersey motorcycle road test
  • Pay the required fees to obtain a Probationary Motorcycle License
  • Complete 1 year of probationary riding before applying for an unrestricted motorcycle license and paying an additional fee
  • Have 6 points of ID

In New Jersey, 17 is the minimum age for obtaining a motorcycle license, but only a temporary one. You must be at least 18 to obtain an unrestricted license. Keep in mind that in order to get a motorcycle license or endorsement in New Jersey, 17-year-olds must successfully complete the BRC course.

The procedures for obtaining a motorcycle license in New Jersey are somewhat intricate. Depending on whether you want a standalone motorcycle license or already have a driver’s license and need an endorsement, different steps must be taken. The procedure is also impacted by whether or not you pass the New Jersey motorcycle license course.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Motorcycle License in New Jersey?

how to get a motorcycle license in nj

Due to their practice month laws, New Jersey takes a little longer than other states to complete the entire motorcycle license application process. You are a candidate who is at least 21 years old, which is the best-case scenario.

In this situation, you can go from being unlicensed to being licensed in three months of practice drives plus a week or so to handle the remaining application process, with a Basic Rider Course somewhere in the middle.

On the longer end, if you are only 17 years old, you will need to hold the permit for a year before receiving your first motorcycle license. The good news is that you have that time frame to complete all of your test drives and other requirements.

Conclusion: Get a Motorcycle License in New Jersey

If you know the steps, getting a motorcycle license in New Jersey isn’t that difficult. In New Jersey, there are two ways to obtain a driver’s license: either by applying for a brand-new motorcycle license or by adding an endorsement to your current license.

You can obtain a license or endorsement in a few different ways, depending on your abilities and age. Do the Basic Rider Course first, though, if you want to be safe while driving and be prepared for a variety of situations.


How Hard is the New Jersey Motorcycle Test?

You must receive at least 40 correct answers out of 50 for the New Jersey motorcycle test (80%) to pass. Additionally, candidates must pass the MVC road test. After passing the written and vision exams, make time for the road test.

How Much Does a Motorcycle License Cost in New Jersey?

The fees are one requirement that applies regardless of the applicant’s age when applying for a motorcycle license. A motorcycle license costs $24, as stated on the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s fees page. In addition, a motorcycle permit costs $5.

How Much is a Motorcycle Safety Course in New Jersey?

All over the state of New Jersey, you can find motorcycle schools that have been approved by the state. The cost of these schools’ two-day Basic Rider Courses ranges from $349 to $375. Across the board, and in all parts of the state, this price is fairly consistent.

What Happens If You Get Pulled over Without a Motorcycle License in New Jersey?

It’s a good time to remind everyone that riding a motorcycle in New Jersey requires a license and is entirely illegal without one. If you are stopped while riding a motorcycle in New Jersey without the appropriate license, you risk punishment. A stiff $500 fine or some jail time would be the two possible outcomes of this punishment.

Can You Buy a Motorcycle Without a License in New Jersey?

Like many other states, New Jersey does not require a motorcycle license to purchase a motorcycle. This is ideal if you found a motorcycle for a great price from a seller who is willing to deliver it to you or store it for you until you obtain your license.

You can’t ride the motorcycle you recently bought without a license, which is the problem. Therefore, it is best to obtain the license before buying a motorcycle, unless you are in one of those two exceptional circumstances.

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