How To Get A Motorcycle License In Florida?

florida motorcycle license

You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a dream about riding a motorcycle down the highways of Florida with the wind in your hair. The Sunshine State has nearly 600,000 licensed motorcycle riders, and you might be one of them. Residents of Florida are required by law to possess a current motorcycle license or endorsement, and obtaining one is probably less difficult than you might imagine.

If you already have a Florida driver’s license in good standing, all you need is a motorcycle endorsement to ride a motorcycle in Florida. You can obtain this by finishing the Florida Rider Program. For more information on how to obtain a motorcycle license in Florida, please read this article.

Do I Need A Florida License To Ride A Motorcycle In Florida?

Yes, just as it would be in another U.S. state, you need a valid license to explore the beautiful sceneries in If you are caught riding a motorcycle without a license in Florida, you could face fines.

To legally operate a bike, a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement is required. Therefore, in order to legally ride a bike, you need to have either a learner’s permit, a motorcycle endorsement, or a current license.

You cannot explore the highways on your own with a learner’s permit; you must be with other riders who are more experienced.

You won’t need a Florida license if you’re just traveling through Florida for work while on a road trip. Despite the fact that licenses are issued by individual states, they are all recognized as valid in the US. Thus, Florida is required to accept all licenses, particularly when dealing with non-residents. But keep in mind that in order to even be eligible for a motorcycle license in the United States, you must be older than 16 years old. You can check out more information we have on how to get a motorcycle license in Texas, California, Illinois.

Motorcycle Endorsement Vs License In Florida

You must first choose the right credential type for you. Any motorcycle with an engine larger than 50 cc, whether it has two or three wheels, requires a license to operate in Florida. For drivers who already hold a Florida driver’s license, a motorcycle endorsement is required. Anyone without a driver’s license who intends to only operate a motorcycle can obtain a motorcycle-only license.

Once you’ve determined which certification is best for you, take the actions listed below to get licensed and prepared for driving.

What Are The Bike License Requirements In Florida?

Cruising Florida’s highways with your friends is the ultimate relaxation. You will need a motorcycle endorsement or a license that is only valid for motorcycles in order to join Florida’s over 600,000 riders.

A fine will be assessed if you ride your bike without either of these documents. However, there are a few conditions you must meet in order to be eligible for a license or an endorsement.

To get a motorcycle endorsement, you must:

  • Have a valid class E driver’s license from Florida
  • Finished a BRCu (Basic Rider Course updated) or BRC (Basic Rider Course)
  • Pay the licensing fee
  • Submit your BRCu or BRC certification and valid ID at the local tax collection or DMV offices

For a motorcycle-only license, you need to:

  • Be more than 16 years old
  • Have a learner’s permit for a year with no traffic violations
  • Complete the BRCu or BRC per FL322.12
  • Take and pass a class-E driving license knowledge examination
  • Submit your ID and proof of completing the BRCu or BRC course at the DMV or tax collection offices
  • Finally, pay your license fee

Steps To Get A Motorcycle License In Florida

Are you eager to begin driving through Florida and taking in the state’s stunning coastlines? If so, you’re in luck because a Florida motorcycle-only license can be obtained fairly quickly. Being endorsed is a shorter process than this one, so be prepared. Planning ahead is therefore important. To get a motorcycle-only license, you should do the following:

Step 1: Obtain A Learners Permit

You must first obtain a Florida motorcycle riding permit if you don’t already have one. Afterward, use the learner’s permit for a full year without receiving any traffic tickets.

florida motorcycle license

Before you get a permit, you must:

  • Pass the state’s class E exams: A score of more than 80% is required to pass the 50-question test. Traffic signs and traffic laws are covered in the exam’s multiple-choice questions. Read up on Florida’s driver’s license handbook to help you study for the exams.
  • Must be over 16 years old: A signed or notarized parental consent form is required if you’re under the age of 18.
  • Pass the hearing and vision tests: At the neighborhood traffic service station, these tests are administered. Therefore, be sure to wear your glasses or contacts when requesting a learner’s permit.
  • Proof of completion of the TLSAE (traffic-law and substance-abuse education course). Fortunately, there is a program for that.
  • Authentication of your identity, social security number, and proof of residency through legal documents.

In order to use a learner’s permit for more than a year without breaking any traffic laws, you must be prepared to do so. For a year, you can ride with an experienced rider while using the learner’s permit to hone your riding techniques.

Step 2: Pass The Introductory Motorcycle Riding Course

Passing the BRCu or the BRC is the next step, therefore. The highway safety division and the sponsor for vehicle rider training both provide these courses. These 15-hour courses cover all the fundamental abilities that every rider needs.

If you’ve never taken this course before, you must pass it even if you have a motorcycle license from another state. You will be qualified for a license after a year of riding with a learner’s permit without breaking any traffic laws. Then you’ll be able to legally ride a bike in Florida.

Depending on where you take the course, the cost of these classes in Florida ranges from $99 to $300. To finish the course, you should also be prepared to spend the entire day at the center.

Currently, the majority of accredited course providers are switching to BRCu versions of this course. Check to see which one is being offered at the training facility close to you.

Your safety is paramount when riding a motorcycle, so make sure you have some gloves and eye protection with you. While taking the course, be sure to wear a reliable pair of motorcycle boots. Long pants and a long-sleeved jacket or shirt are also required.

Insurance, practice bikes, helmets, and manuals will be provided by the course providers. They’ll also let the department of motor vehicles and highway safety know when you’ve finished the course. The course may be retaken without additional fees if you fail it once within two months. However, you are unable to retake the exam that day.

Step 3: Submit Your Documentation And Pay The Fee

You can visit the DMV offices and obtain your license after completing the fundamental riders’ course. But make sure you bring the appropriate identification. Your BRC passing records will already be on file at the DMV offices. To be on the safe side, it’s always a good idea to carry a copy of your certification, though.

You must first pay the fee at the DMV offices you visit in order to receive your license. You must pay an additional $6.25 at the local tax collection offices on top of the $48 required in Florida for a license that is only good for motorcycles.

Steps To Get A Florida Motorcycle Endorsement

Check To Make Sure Your Current Driver’s License Is Valid

You will need a valid Class E driver’s license if you already have a driver’s license in Florida. The state’s typical non-commercial license is this one. You might also be in possession of a valid Class A, B, or C commercial license.

Take An Approved Motorcycle Skills Course

A motorcycle safety course using a curriculum created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is required by Florida law for anyone applying for a motorcycle license or endorsement. Either the Basic RiderCourse updated (BRCu) or the MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC) must be taken. Both programs offer 15 hours of instruction designed to teach new drivers how to deal with any situations that may arise while driving.

florida motorcycle license

These courses will still be helpful to you even if you are an experienced rider because insurers adore them.

“Successful completion of a motorcycle safety course will also provide a discount from most carriers,” says Greg Martin, an account executive at Think Safe Insurance in Brandon, Florida. “The two main businesses we collaborate with on writing accept any state-approved motorcycle safety course in exchange for the discount.”

Gather Your Paperwork

You are nearly prepared to leave once you have finished your training. For your trip to get your endorsement, you’ll need to have the following with you:

  • BRC or BRCu course completion card dated within the last calendar year
  • Your current driver’s license for proper ID
  • Cash or check for licensing fees, including the endorsement fee of $7.00 and a license renewal fee of $48.00

Head To Your Nearest Driver’s License Office

Any Florida driver’s license office can grant you a motorcycle endorsement. Licenses are additionally offered by some tax collector offices. To find out if you require an appointment due to the pandemic, it’s a good idea to call your preferred location in advance.

You can get your endorsement right away if you have your materials with you. Every time you renew your regular driver’s license, your motorcycle endorsement will also be renewed automatically because it is valid for life.

How Long Will It Take to Get A Motorcycle License in Florida?

You have one year to submit an application if you have already completed the motorcycle safety course and received your completion card. You might need to pass a rider’s skills test before applying for the license if that one year has passed. It might take you up to a week to complete the coursework if you have to take the course.

As soon as you complete the course, everything will be prepared for you to get your license.

Before bringing your application to the DMV’s offices, you might be required to retake the BRC if you don’t pass the first time. Because of this, obtaining a motorcycle-only license will require more time.


For most people, driving year-round on the highways of the Sunshine State is a fantasy come true. But in order to do so, you must be prepared to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or a license that is only good for riding motorcycles. You can begin traveling the open road as soon as you have your Florida motorcycle license or endorsement. Obtaining this license is always a smart move because Florida is a fantastic location for year-round motorcycle enjoyment.

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