How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Motorcycle?

Paint A Motorcycle

Aside from being a great mode of transportation, motorcycles can be a lot of fun. You might be curious about the cost of painting your motorcycle if you want to give it a new look. 

A motorcycle’s paint job’s quality and level of detail will affect how much it costs to complete. The average price of a complete motorcycle is between $750 and $1,800. Simply continue reading if you want to learn more. 

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Motorcycle?

Several elements, including the kind of paint used, the motorcycle’s size, and the degree of design complexity, can affect the price of painting a motorcycle.

In general, you should budget between $500 and $5,000 for a skilled motorcycle paint job. However, the price might be significantly higher if you want a unique design or mural.

Are Motorcycle And Car Paints Distinct?

In a few ways, motorcycle paint is different from car paint. First of all, motorcycle paint is made to withstand more abrasion. This indicates that it is typically thicker and more robust than car paint.

Second, motorcycle paint is typically applied in fewer, thinner coats, allowing it to dry more quickly and decreasing the likelihood that it will chip or peel. Finally, a higher-gloss finish is frequently used when painting motorcycles to give them a more expensive appearance.

When Painting A Motorcycle, How Long Does It Take?

Where Are Triumph Motorcycles Made? A Triumph motorcycle is parked alongside a street in the city center.

Depending on what you are having done. Depending on how a project is set up, it might need several visits while other projects might only need one. The amount of time needed typically increases with task complexity.

Cost Of Painting A Motorcycle

Regular Paint Job

You should expect to pay between $300 and $1500 for a typical motorcycle paint job. The amount of prep work required before painting will greatly affect the cost, as it will with any paint job.

Remember that painting your motorcycle is only one step in the process; the majority of the work may actually involve sanding off the previous coat of paint. 

It takes more time and manual labor to sand your motorcycle. Additionally, if extensive preparation is required prior to painting, the price will go up as well.

To effectively paint most of the frame, certain parts must be covered or removed, and other parts must be taken apart to allow for complete painting.

Here’s a piece of advice: get your bike ready before visiting a mechanic. You can begin the work on your own and have a professional finish it.

A regular paint job might only cost you half as much (roughly $150 to $750) as a result of this significant cost reduction. By handling the preparation yourself, you can determine whether you are capable of handling the entire task.

Ask a paint shop how much they will charge if you take off the parts yourself if paying for a paint job is too expensive. Removal and any necessary prep work will shorten the paint shop’s turnaround time and save you money if you only want to paint the motorcycle’s tank and fairings. 

Spend some time learning the proper way to remove and reattach any parts that you want to paint. After painting, take care not to scratch the paint and tidy up the area around the painted parts so they all look nice.

Saving money is great, but be careful to avoid any issues when doing any preparation.

Custom Paint Job

Between $600-$3,000 may be required for the custom paint job. In today’s market, however, there are some unusual cases involving pricey motorcycles and highly specialized custom paint services that could cost you up to $30,000!

Professional applications, the best paint products available, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and frequently one-of-a-kind, exclusive artist/fabricator branded merchandise are all requirements for custom jobs. Additionally, custom work is very collectible. 

Moving forward, let’s paint a bike together to better illustrate the options available. Picking a color for your bike is essential before beginning the technical painting procedures. The choice you make now will either improve or detract from the aesthetic and will likely make future cosmetic decisions easier.

DIY Paint Job

It might only cost you under $100 to paint the motorcycle on your own. However, this sum depends on the quality and kind of paint used, as well as whether you’re buying any equipment.

If you have patience, follow all the instructions, and don’t cut corners, DIY projects can be successful and unquestionably more affordable. To get a high-quality finished product, expect to put in a fair amount of work. Prior to painting, you should anticipate doing some preparation work and possibly making a few mistakes. Doing the grunt work yourself, however, is a fun part of learning how to complete a task that might be difficult.

Practice is essential before painting a motorcycle, especially if money is tight. The majority of people can paint a motorcycle, even if you’ve never done it before, whether you use a spray can or a paint sprayer ($30-$200). 

Practice your technique and taking your time are the key. Make sure you have the proper paints and research all the necessary supplies in advance (an air compressor costs at least $100). Once you have that quality, you can be proud of it. 

When painting yourself, the paint will cost you the majority of your money. You might or might not need tools. Make sure you’re painting your motorcycle in the best possible environment. Considerations include the environment, ventilation, and overspray. The price of the design and the colors you want for your motorcycle are two things you should take into account. Unless they are predesigned metal, vinyl, or plastic decals, custom metal decals might cost you a lot more. You should also remember to ask for assistance when necessary when painting on your own. Attempting to fix mistakes will probably cost you more money and time than you intended.

Making a mistake at any step, from sanding to applying the finish coat, could ruin the appearance of your bike. Just keep in mind that when doing your own painting, you must be very careful.

Can I Paint My Motorcycle By Myself?

The first challenge to get past if you’re doing this DIY project for the first time is making sure you have the right tools and materials. You will need to buy a few tools that are probably not already in your toolbox if you are not one of the fortunate few with access to a fully stocked garage. Unsurprising, the workspace is just as crucial as the hardware.

It would be best if you began by setting up the area that will serve as the painting booth. On the list of necessities should be plastic-wrapped walls, more lighting, and a room with good ventilation. As soon as a workspace has been designated, attention must turn to the necessary hardware and small parts. 

Safety is crucial when handling chemicals (like paint). It’s important to purchase the right respirator with the right filter.

We advise using one or two paint guns, air compressors, air hose attachments, and, if it’s possible, a regulator with a water trap when painting automobiles. Although it is possible, we strongly advise against using canned aerosols. 

Reducers, plastic filler compounds, putties, primers & hardeners, epoxy sealers, base color paint, and clear coat/hardener are a few examples of non-paint materials that will also be required.

Pros Of DIY Painting

DIY painting is more affordable, gives you more creative freedom, and can be enjoyable. The project’s expense will have been worthwhile if you are so fortunate as to complete it successfully. The majority of motorcycle enthusiasts adore the chance to work directly with their vehicles. 

Cons Of DIY Painting

The final product’s quality might not match that of a professional job. Learning how to paint your motorcycle can take up a lot of your time. It is a waste of money if the project is deemed unsuccessful. In the end, getting a professional’s assistance might be necessary to finish the job correctly.


As was mentioned, the cost of a standard paint job is $1500 at most, a customized paint job costs between $600 and $3000, and DIY paint jobs cost no more than $500. Additionally, saving a few hundred dollars by doing some of the work yourself. Just keep in mind that if the job requires extensive work, such as a custom design, or repairs, you might not qualify for a discount.

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