‘From Home, the Sprint Race is Beautiful’ – Valentino Rossi

'From Home, the Sprint Race is Beautiful' – Valentino Rossi

The addition of Saturday Sprint races in 2023 will change the format of MotoGP. Although it represents a different and more demanding job for everyone involved in the team’s work, after three Grands Prix, it seems to be a sure bet for the fans. Valentino Rossi is currently observing as a fan and has thoughts on the idea.

To Sportweek, the nine-time world champion spoke about this new format: ‘When viewed from home, Sprint is stunning and much more exciting than official practice. Even Saturday turns into a day when you can’t stop watching TV.

Having said that, Rossi recognized that, for those who work, the new format is not so good: ‘The risks and stress are much greater from the perspective of riders and mechanics. And you must take that into consideration. Sprint is very beautiful, but to me, a simple fan at home on the couch, it’s very lovely.

Reference: www.motorcyclesports.net

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