Family of Gold Coast Dad Injured in Bali Motorbike Crash Launch a Desperate Bid to Bring Him Home

Family of Gold Coast Dad Injured in Bali Motorbike Crash Launch a Desperate Bid to Bring Him Home

‘To keep him fighting, we’re doing everything we can.’

A father from Queensland was seriously hurt in a motorbike accident in Bali, and now his family is trying desperately to get him back home.

Remuna Avaemai, a former soldier who served in Afghanistan, has been on life support with a “bad brain injury” since the accident last week, his ex-partner Meg Sproule said.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep him fighting, to come back home,” Sproule told 7NEWS.

Sproule, the mother of their young daughter Maeva, has turned to crowdsource to raise the funds required to pay for Avaemai’s medical evacuation from Bali to a hospital on the Gold Coast.

In order to pay for the transfer, she needs to raise $100,000, and she has already raised more than $34,000.

She believes Avaemai’s chances of recovery will be better in Australia, where he can “hear our voices and feel our love”.

“We just feel if he’s back home, in his country, with his family, he’ll be able to pull through,” Sproule said.

She claimed it had been challenging to learn more about the incident and his health.

“With Remuna being so far from us and his family, we are finding it difficult with the doctors over there and to be able to be updated and understand his injury,” she said, adding she believed When he fell, Avaemai had a helmet on.

In order to get Avaemai ready for the evacuation, Medical Rescue Australia is coordinating with Indonesian authorities.

“He definitely needs to get back to Australia to get the right care,” said The medical retrieval company’s director of operations Jon Turley.

“He’s not doing well and is quite ill.

“In Australia, there is a system in place to give him the right care and the best possible care for his wounds.”

Avaemai’s tour companion Michael Bould expressed the hope that the public would show a lot of support for the former soldier.

“We’re hoping since he fought for his country and put his life on the line – he’s been to Afghanistan – we can get people all over the country to chip in,” he said.


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