9 Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves in 2022

best motorcycle gloves

We all know that riding a motorcycle in the winter can feel very cold due to icy winds and chilly temperatures, and the winter motorcycle gear you select should reflect these chilly conditions. So, we list the nine best winter motorcycle gloves in this article for you to choose the one you prefer.

When numbness sets in and impairs your ability to use the controls, riding a motorcycle with cold hands can be painful, uncomfortable, or even dangerous. A good pair of winter motorcycle gloves can help by keeping the weather out; wind- and water-resistant layers shield your hands from the worst conditions.

It’s crucial to understand how to select motorcycle gloves for winter riding. And yes, obviously they have to be waterproof and also prepared to withstand the low temperatures of this time of year. So, we prepared the best motorcycle gloves for the winter.

Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Dainese Universe Gore-tex Gore-grip Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Dainese Universe Gore-tex Gore-grip Winter Motorcycle Gloves

You can ride with confidence and control thanks to the waterproof membrane used to make these leather gloves, which also feature Gore-Grip technology.

Although there may be warmer options available, you can’t go wrong with the complete, uncompromised tactile response this pair offers. The goatskin and suede gloves are not insulated, but they are sturdy and breathable.

Alpinestars WR-1 V2 Gloves

Alpinestars WR-1 V2 Gloves

Here in the wet UK, waterproof motorcycle gloves are essential, and the Alipinestars are a great choice thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane. Along with Gore-Grip palm, PrimaLoft® Silver 80g top, and Gold Eco 60g palm thermal insulation, they also include protective elements like palm sliders and knuckle coverage.

Although they are not a cheap option, these motorcycle winter gloves are some of the best on the market and offer good value.

Rev It! Taurus Gore-Tex Gloves

Rev It! Taurus Gore-Tex Gloves

These gloves, which boast outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio and four-season usability, are both thick and lightweight. Waterproofing is provided by the Gore-Tex lining, and warmth and weather resistance are provided by the PrimaLoft® insulation material.

The product is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from S to XZL, and the closure helps the glove conform to the shape of your hand. The knuckles and finger patches on the gloves are made of PU hard shell.

SPIDI Alu-Pro Evo H2Out

SPIDI Alu-Pro Evo H2Out

The warmest motorcycle gloves available are these thermal ones. Additional comfort is provided by the 150gr PrimaLoft® insulation, and your safety is also ensured by the knuckle and palm padding.

The gloves will adapt to your hand more easily thanks to the leather’s durability. The gloves are practical because of useful features like touchscreen compatibility. The gloves are also available in two color combinations: all-black and black with fluorescent yellow.

Alpinestars HT-7 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves

Alpinestars HT-7 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves

When you slide your hands inside, the Heat Tech system immediately starts warming the interior, the entire back of the hands, and the fingers. They pair with your phone as well, allowing you to check the charge status and choose the ideal level of warmth before venturing outside into the brisk air.

In addition to the battery-powered warmth, Alpinestars’ Drystar membrane will keep your digits dry. PrimaLoft Gold Aerogel is lighter than down and made to trap body heat as well as, in this case, the heat from the vehicle’s onboard heating system.

With touchscreen compatibility, goat leather palms for supple adhesion, and a protective palm slider, Alpinestars continues to excel in the motorcycle market.

KLIM Hardanger HTD Long Gloves

Klim Hardanger HTD Long Gloves

KLIM provides you with a ton of passive insulation and weatherproofing. A dependable all-weather mitt can be created by adding three levels of battery-electric heat. Similar to REV’IT!, Klim has a goat leather palm for better grip and a layer of foam inserted under the knuckles for easier movement of the hand under the armor.

Additionally, Klim created this glove, especially for riders who already use heated grips because the absence of insulation inside the palm would improve the feel of the instruments. Keep in mind the gauntlet style as well; it may or may not match the cuff of your winter riding jacket. You want there to be no space between the glove and the coat.

Richa Arctic Gloves

Richa Arctic Gloves

The Richa Arctic Gloves come in both male and female styles and come in a wider range of sizes and shapes, making it easier for everyone to find the ideal fit. The gloves come equipped with an Aquashell LTZ waterproof membrane to keep your hands dry while you ride, as well as CE-certified knuckle protectors and a double wrist closure to keep you secure.

The price of these gloves reflects the fact that they lack insulation. Additionally, Richa sells Gore-Tex 404 motorcycle gloves, which are among the best waterproof motorcycle gloves available.

RST Paragon Gloves

RST Paragon Gloves

The RST Paragon is an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget because it is the least expensive glove on our list. You can use the pair on the go because they have visor wipers and digital touch index fingers on both hands.

The gloves will protect your hands in the event of an accident with knuckle protection, double reinforcement on the palm, and CE-certified armor. The inexpensive motorcycle gloves come in heated versions, which are more than twice as expensive, and are offered for both men and women.

Spada Enforcer CE Gloves

Spada Enforcer CE Gloves

These gloves are cozy, which is what motorcycle winter gloves should be. These CE-certified gloves offer the utmost warmth and protection and are lined with thermal Thinsulate material.

The colors are either all black or black and fluorescent yellow, and the sizes range from XS to 2XL. Over time, the stretch panels in the glove will enable it to perfectly conform to your hands, and the cuff adjustment will enable you to secure it around your wrist.

If you want a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, we also have some choices for you.

What to Look for With Winter Motorcycle Gloves?


Gloves should have a slider for the heel of your hand so that your palm slides rather than stalls on the pavement. Watch any Moto GP video and you’ll see that the racers slide rather than land hard and stick to the tarmac, proving our point if you don’t believe us. Energy is lost when sliding; when you stall, all of your forward motion is sent into your body.

Even though your machine has hand guards, a stone thrown by the wake of a semi or a random rock roost kicked up by your friend could easily break a finger. This is why you should at the very least have good knuckle armor.


The fingers on better motorcycle gloves are already bent in a C shape, and the profile is pre-curved. So that your hands don’t get too hot from riding for too long, you can turn the glove around your grips with less force.

Grippy Palms

best motorcycle gloves

This is how snow tires function. Compared to a typical summer tire, they use a softer material when it’s cold outside. The same reasoning is used when creating better winter motorcycle gloves for the palms of the mitts so that even in subfreezing temperatures, gripping the throttle, brake, or clutch levers still feels good.


Whether it’s a well-known brand, like Gore-Tex, or a custom-made fabric, every pair of gloves on this list features a waterproof/breathable membrane fabric. For breathing, you require your hands.

The sweat they produce when your digits are warm will otherwise turn into ice-cold condensation at 65 mph, which is bad. You also have a basic understanding of waterproofing.


A winter glove must have material to retain heat, even if it has battery-powered heating (see the section after this one). The batting gloves on this list come from manufacturers such as Primaloft and others.

Electric Heating

We’ve included a few gloves on our list that have battery-powered heating, which, if you’ve ever worn heated gloves for skiing, you already know can be a game-changer when the weather turns icy.

Do you need heated hand protection as well? Heated grips are common in the motorcycle industry. We’ve also included a few unheated models on our list because that’s entirely up to you.

Conclusion: Have a Warm Ride This Winter

Here are our picks for the top nine winter motorcycle gloves. Even if it doesn’t feel particularly cold when you leave the house, the combination of the chill and wind blast can cause your hands to become icicle-like as you travel at higher speeds, especially on the freeway. Then, a fleece or thermal lining can trap heat inside the gloves to prevent your hands from becoming chilly.

When riding in the winter, keep in mind that keeping your hands warm shouldn’t be your only concern. Additionally, how you ride and care for your bike can be impacted by the cold.

But take note: A ski glove does not offer the specific protection you need for riding a motorcycle, for the same reason you shouldn’t wear a work glove while riding your motorcycle in the summer. I’m sorry, but the same goes for those used snowmobile gloves you bought at the neighbor’s garage sale.

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