Ain’t No Saint: Elvis Presley’s Motorcycle Poised to Break Records

Ain't No Saint: Elvis Presley's Motorcycle Poised to Break Records

The 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH Bicentennial belonged to the King of Rock and Roll in a former life. The motorcycle was just one of the many vehicles Elvis Presley owned; his first was a purchase made with funds from his very first record deal (via AMN). This motorcycle is thought to have been Presley’s final purchase before his untimely death in 1977.

As with anything of value, the bike has changed hands over the years, going from a hotelier’s showcase to a museum to a chop block last year, where the Bicentennial was valued at $2 million USD; regrettably, the winning bid locked in at a below-the-belt $800,000 USD.

Now, Elvis’s beloved H-D beastie is back up for auction with quite a bit of wiggle room in the set value, making this time “a potential record-breaking bike for Auction results for Harley-Davidson.”

Would you care to guess how much money she’ll receive this time?


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